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Eagle Walk through Tirol

From St. Johann in Tirol to St. Anton am Arlberg!

In the high Alpine mountains, close to the sky, the Eagle Walk runs from east to west through the whole of Tirol. The route of the trail resembles the silhouette of an eagle floating in the air with its wings spread wide. Alpine experience, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required for many of the stages. Awaiting you on the challenge are: 355 kilometres of hiking between Wilder Kaiser and Arlberg, 24 daily stages from easy to difficult, from gentle to jagged, from exhilarating to extremely draining. 23,000 metres of elevation difference uphill and 20,000 metres of elevation difference downhill. The Eagle Walk is divided into two routes, with 24 daily stages leading through North Tirol and the second route crossing over nine stages in East Tirol.

The East Tyrolean Eagle Walk is shorter, but just as magnificent and challenging: with nine stages between the Venediger and Grossglockner mountains, 96 kilometres long, with around 8,000 metres of elevation difference uphill and almost as much downhill. It features countless steps, hundreds of peaks and thousands of magnificent views!

The eagle was chosen as a symbol because the shape of the trail is reminiscent of its wings and because the "King of the Skies" embodies pride, freedom and strength - as well as the proud state of Tirol. From relaxed leisure hikers to experienced mountaineers, everyone will find their own terrain on the Tyrolean Eagle Walk. Hikers can learn more about the history of the region, its customs, crafts and people at every turn here.

Eagle Walk through the Kitzbühel Alps

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Gasthof Rummlerhof

Gasthof Rummlerhof
Gasthof Rummlerhof
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Hiking the Eagle Walk through Tirol

The Eagle Walk is one of the most popular long-distance hiking trails in Austria.

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