Kitzbüheler Alpen Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter auf der letzten KAT Bike Etappe von St.Johann in Tirol c Daniel Gollner


Feel the freedom on two wheels

Be it a leisurely cycling tour on the valley floor, past old farms, or a challenging mountain tour, on the trail of the KitzAlpBike. The Kitzbühel Alps offer leisurely, sporty as well as action addict cyclists looking for action a suitable tour and route. In the Holiday Region Hohe Salve, Brixental Valley, the St. Johann in Tirol region and PillerseeTal you’ll find more than 1,000 km of signposted cycling and mountain bike paths. Let the diversity of the Kitzbühel Alps inspire you, as one of Tyrol´s top MTB regions, and take a look at the bike options in the four Tirolean holiday regions.


Ways of life: Inspirations from the Kitzbühel Alps

Discover the favourite spots of the ambassadors

The ambassadors will show you their favourite spots and take you to their personal bike-highlights in the region. They all share a passion for biking. Be it on singletracks or on mountain bike paths, the locals prefer the mountain bike as a means of transport. The ambassadors give you a glimpse into their life, daily routine and free time. Find out more now about the interesting personalities from the region.

“Do more things to forget to check your phone.”


Lena Koller

Marketing-expert & MTB-guide

KAT Bike - Beyond Biking.

Multiday tour in the Kitzbühel Alps

The Kitzbühel Alps Trail - in short KAT Bike is a special way of exploring the region. Set off on a 3-day mountainbike-tour straight through the Kitzbühel Alps. The multi-day tour will lead you through varied scenery and to unique viewpoints. Away from the beaten track you’ll be moving about with your mountain bike on the stages across wonderful pasture areas. Your advantage, not only can you complete each stage worry-free with your daypack, but also get to enjoy all the amenities of the 3- or 4-star hotels. Profit from the free luggage transport, which will bring your suitcase from one accommodation to the next.

  • KAT Bike-Kitzbühel-Alps-Mountainbikers riding down from Möslalm-stage 1-c-E-Haiden (5)
    The first KAT Bike-stage leads the mountain bikers to Möslalm.
  • KAT Bike-Kitzbühel-Alps-Mountain bikers enjoy panoramic view-stage 2-c-E-Haiden (2)
    Mountain bikers enjoy unique panoramas on the KAT Bike.
  • KAT Bike-Kitzbühel-Alps-Mountain bikers on the Fleckalmtrail-stage 3(c)E-Haiden (1)
    KAT Bikers on the last few metres of the Fleckalmtrail in Kirchberg in Tirol.

“The contrast between civilisation and immersing yourself into nature is one-of-a-kind on this route: The Alpine pastures, the variety, the cordiality of the locals, all that.”


Patrick Ager


On the saddle, get set, go!

Singletracks in the Kitzbühel Alps

Grab your mountain bike and explore the large network of mountain bike paths with easy, long and also challenging singletracks. The Fleckalm Trail is regarded as one of the more challenging and longest trails in Tirol. It counts among the five "Great Trails" of Tirol and promises complete Enduro-Feeling. In addition you’ll find another eight singletracks in the holiday region waiting for your next adventure in the mountains of Tirol. You want to try out all trails at the same time or within just a few days if at all possible? Then the Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card is just the ticket for you. The ticket promises you unlimited bike-enjoyment on the singletracks of the four holiday regions. Experience the proper flow-feel on the eight single tracks in the region.

Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card
Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

You love singletracks and prefer using the lift to get up the mountain? Eight gondola and chairlifts are available to you for unlimited trail-fun. The lifts are convenient feeders for the eight singletracks in the holiday region. Get your bike-ticket for 1, 2or 3 days and live it up on the trails of the region.


Summer Card

Summer Card
Summer Card

You have your mountain bike with you on your holidays? Don’t want to spend all day on the bike and on the singletracks? Then the Summer Card is your best companion for your activity holidays in the Kitzbühel Alps. The lift ticket can be used at 38 summer mountain lifts in the region. One daily mountain bike transport with the cable car is included with the ticket. In the morning explore a bike trail, and in the afternoon go hiking through the alpine world.


Fleckalm Trail

Fleckalm TrailHard
Fleckalm Trailaccess_time0:45 harrow_right_alt7,1 kmfavorite_borderfavorite

Gaisberg Trail

Gaisberg TrailHard
Gaisberg Trailaccess_time0:20 harrow_right_alt2,3 kmfavorite_borderfavorite
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter View from a bird’s-eye perspective in St.Johann Tirol c Daniel Gollner
    A mountain biker riding along the Harschbichl-Trail from a bird’s-eye perspective.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter rides across a Northshore on the trail in St.Johann in Tirol c Daniel Gollner
    Mountain biker rides across a Northshore-Element on the singletrack in St. Johann in Tirol.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter Sunbeams in the forest on Harschbichltrail in St.Johann in Tirol c Daniel Gollner
    The sun shines through the forest onto the Harschbichl-Trail in the St. Johann in Tirol region.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter Hairpin bend on the trail in St.Johann in Tirol c Daniel Gollner
    Mountainbike-Hero on his bike downhill on the Harschbichl-Trail in the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Marco Brandstätter Start of the Harschbichltrail in the St.Johann in Tirol region c Daniel Gollner
    Mountainbike-Hero is waiting at the entry point to the single track on Harschbichl in St. Johann in Tirol.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Lena Koller on a forest area by the singletrack in Brixental Valley c Daniel Gollner
    Apart from long uphill sections with the mountain bike, Lena also prefers challenging trails downhill.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Lena Koller jumping across a drop in Brixental Valley with her mountain bike c Daniel Gollner
    In the Skill Park of the Bikeacademy at the Fleckalmbahn lift, mountain bikers can improve their skills at the Drop Battery.

“To me, biking is much more than a fad, it’s a way of life.”


Marco Brandstätter

Bike salesman

Bike-Routes & Tours

Have you planned your tour yet?

In the bike-route & tour portal you’ll find countless cycling routes for leisure cyclists, family cycling tours, challenging bike tours and all seven singletracks in the holiday region. Browse the selection and find the right tour for your requirements. In the selected tour you’ll find a detailed tour description as well as snack stops along the route.

“On every tour I spot new details, discover different perspectives and learn to appreciate the quiet of nature holistically.”


Ben Kalra

Master tinsmith & extreme skier


There is always something going on in the Kitzbühel Alps

In the Holiday Region Hohe Salve, Brixental Valley, the St. Johann in Tirol region and in PillerseeTal you can be sure not to get bored. In summer, numerous bike-events take place in the holiday region. You want to get a taste of singletracks, take part in the KitzAlpBike as an avid biker or enjoy a leisurely cycling tour in a group? From taster tours on the KAT Bike to various Bike-Festivals and all the way to culinary e-bike tours, you’ll find all events in the overview.

E-Bike Touren

E-Bike Touren
E-Bike TourenHopfgarten im Brixental (08:00 AM)favorite_borderfavorite

Guided bike tours

Guided bike tours
Guided bike toursHopfgarten im Brixental (10:00 AM)favorite_borderfavorite

All about Mountain Biking

All about Mountain Biking
All about Mountain Biking

Here you will find all the information about the locations of e-bike charging stations, tube dispensers, repair workshops for your bike and much more.


Bike specialists

Bike specialists
Bike specialists

Are you looking for accommodation for your cycling holiday in the Kitzbühel Alps? You can find all the quality-certified hosts specialised in cycling here.


Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card

Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card
Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card

Your guest card is your ticket for local public transport. The transport of mountain bikes in regional trains is included with the personal advantage card. For transport on buses, please ask the bus drivers.

Baerig Tirol

Bärig Blog


Sabine Ertl

Summit retreat

The Kitzbüeler Alpen are Ben's personal fitness centre. Here, the outdoor guy enjoys clear, clean air and keeps himself fit.

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