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Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail Card

The best single trails in one ticket

Do you enjoy taking your mountain bike along single trails? Want to get to know the eight trails of the region? The Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail Card is your ticket for unlimited trail fun. Explore the fast and in parts very narrow trails with their countless curves, elevated turns and drops - you are guaranteed to fly through. With the ticket you can also enjoy the natural scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps in comfort from the chairlift or gondola lift.

Lifts included

  • checkHochbrixen Cable Car Company - Gondola lift (Brixen im Thale)

  • checkFleckalmbahn - Gondola lift (Kirchberg)

  • checkGaisberglift - 4-seater chairlift (Kirchberg)

  • checkHahnenkammbahn - Gondola lift (Kitzbühel)

  • checkHarschbichlbahn - Gondola lift (St. Johann in Tirol)

  • checkTauwiesenlift - T-bar lift (Oberndorf in Tirol)

  • checkStreubödenbahn - Gondola lift (Fieberbrunn)

  • checkObingleitnlift - T-bar lift (Fieberbrunn)

8 lifts - 8 trails - 1 ticket

Help with the trails from cable cars

The ticket provides you with everything from the longest single trail in Tirol to special twisty trails and easy beginner trails. In the overview you will find all the single trails you can access with the Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail Card.

Fleckalm Trail - a "Great Trail of Tirol"

The Fleckalmtrail is one of the five "Great Trails of Tirol". With a length of 7.1 kilometres, the Fleckalm Trail is one of the longest single trails in Austria. Amid the incredible mountains of the Kitzbüheler Alpen, the varied route winds its way down 1,100 metres of elevation difference. Along the almost endless descent, sections with roots, large and small jumps, superbly made elevated turns, some short counter ascents and quick speed sections ensure for a complete enduro feeling.

The challenging route requires a certain amount of concentration, stamina and riding ability.

Ideal to combine with the bike transport service of the local cable car companies!

Length: 7.1 km
Elevation difference: 1,100 metres
Difficulty grade: S2 - 3 (medium)


Lisi Osl Trail

Following in the footsteps of cross-country World Cup legend Lisi Osl, you can head along the single trail named after the local hero on Gaisberg in Kirchberg. The route of around three kilometres guarantees pure descending pleasure.

The start is right by the mountain station of the Gaisbergbahn cable car at 1,270 metres altitude. The largely untouched natural route offers - over an elevation difference of around 450 metres - quick sections and a range of great twists and turns. While beginners can get their first experiences here with elevated turns, easy steps or roots, experienced mountain bikers can use the steps for jumps. The medium-difficulty trail, which is rated S2 throughout on the single trail scale, enchants and delights mountain bike pros and trail beginners with its diverse character.

Ideal to combine with the bike transport service of the local cable car companies!

Length: 2.3 km
Elevation difference: 450 metres
Difficulty grade: S2 (medium)


Gaisberg Trail

The Gaisberg Trail on the mountain with the same name is a great option for anyone who enjoys whooshing and springing downhill. Having previously hosted the Austrian downhill national championship, the two-kilometre long run offers everything you need in a real downhill route: soft forest floor in parts, a lot of roots, speed sections, fast jumps over the edge of terrain or wooden structures. Chickenways are available as easier alternatives.

For the demanding descent of 450 metres in altitude, a certain amount of riding technique is needed. The trail is rated S3 throughout on the single trail scale.

Ideal to combine with the bike transport service of the local cable car companies!

Length: 2.3 km
Elevation difference: 450 metres
Difficulty grade: S3 (difficult)


Sun Trail

The entrance to the Sun Trail is located at around 1,340 metres altitude on Gsengweg in Brixen im Thale. In the upper part, the trail winds its way through a forest that clears in the middle and passes over an Alpine pasture area. You will soon find a good rhythm on the quick and bouncy trail as you head down alongside the stream with waves, tables and elevated turns. The trail finishes close to the power station to the east of Brixen.

The trail can be reached via Brixen by taking Bike route 265 to the Nieding mountain guesthouse and then taking Route 299 or Route 288. You can more comfortably complete the first 500 metres of elevation difference by taking the cable car from Hochbrixen. Head out from here and down to the Nieding mountain guesthouse - then there is a comfortable 200 metre of elevation difference to ascend(Route 299) to the entrance of the Sun Trail.

Length: 2.5 km
Elevation difference: 400 metres
Difficultly grade: S0 - S1 (easy)


Harschbichl Trail

The fast-moving trail starts underneath the middle station of the Harschbichlbahn cable car by the reservoir. The easy trail first winds through the forest with gentle curves and elevated turns. Between them, a few Northshore bridges tempt you to build up a decent speed. A few waves also ensure for fun and action.

The single trail winds over 3.8 kilometres from the middle station (Harschbichl 1) into the valley - firstly through the forest and then over open meadows. In total close to 500 metres in elevation difference have to be tackled. As a small extra, the Skill Area awaits all the bikers at the end of the route.

Length: 3.8 km
Elevation difference: 500 metres
Difficulty grade: S1 (easy)


Hahnenkamm Trail

This easy trail leads from the mountain station on Hahnenkamm via the Asten to the Hahnenkamm valley station right in Kitzbühel.

First it goes over an open and picturesque Alpine pasture area. Then one elevated turn after another takes you through a forested area - which continually sees stunning light breaking through.

The beginners' trail can be reached via the Hahnenkammbahn in Kitzbühel. Anyone who wants slightly longer trail pleasure can reach it via the Fleckalmbahn cable car and the new connecting trail from Kirchberg.

Length: 6.2 km
Elevation difference: 865 metres
Difficulty grade: S1 (easy)


OD Trails

The OD Trails (Oberndorfer Trails) provide a lot of fun for beginners and pros. The first bike T-bar lift in Tyrol will take you together with your bike up to the start of the trails.

In the bike arena you will find six trails with different levels of difficulty, such as the Green Trail (S0), the Blue Line (S1), the Red Line (S2), a Black Uphill Trail (S2-3), as well as a Skill and Jumppark.

Of course, the OD Trails also have a washing station for your bikes - so you can clean them quickly and easily and the "trail sluggishness" stays where it belongs.

You can find a detailed trail description under the link.


Bike Area Streuböden

The new Schweinestberg Trail is located in the Streuböden Bike Area in Fieberbrunn.

The trail leads from the middle station over a wooded mountain ridge to the Streuböden valley station. The trail is peppered with north shores, undulating passages and many curves.

For bike park newcomers, the Easy Park Obingleiten is just right. With the Hänsn Line and the Obing Line, peppered with wooden elements, bike control and balance can be perfected. The plate lift, which has been converted for bikers, takes you comfortably to the top. Fun without end - in the truest sense of the word - is provided by the new pump track.

Length: 4 km
Elevation difference: 375 m
Difficulty grade: S0 (easy)

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The Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail Card

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Opening status of the trails

What single trails are open in the Kitzbühel Alps?

Single trail Status
Fleckalm Trail (Kirchberg) Open
Lisi Osl Trail (Kirchberg) Open
Gaisberg Trail (Kirchberg) Open
Wiegalm Trail (Kirchberg) please note! You have to get there yourself. Open
Sun Trail (Brixen im Thale) Open
Harschbichl Trail (St. Johann in Tirol) Open
Hahnenkamm Trail (Kitzbühel) Open
OD Trails (Oberndorf in Tirol) Open
Bike Area Streuböden - Schweinestberg-Trail (Fieberbrunn) Open

Additional information

Everything about the right service facilities in the Kitzbühel Alps

What do the blue, red and black difficulty grades mean? Where can I rent a mountain bike suited for a single trail? Are there bike hotels and accommodation? Find out all the additional information for planning your mountain bike holiday here.

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