Getting around the mountains safely on a mountain bike

A mountain bike gives lots of people new "perspectives" - and plenty of stunning views in the Alps. More and more people are able to enjoy this special mountain experience purely with their own pedal power or now with the help of some electric support. The Kitzbühel Alps remain one thing, above all, however: a natural home for a lot of animals and people, agricultural & forestry areas plus a recreational space for guests and locals. Making every effort to protect the nature and local habitats is understandably important - and everyone can play their part.

Our personal tips:

  • checkStay on the trails: In this way you can find your way around at any time and enjoy your tour to the fullest. Consistent signage and trail markings will help you.

  • checkPay attention to information and route closures: These are always done for a good reason to protect users from dangers or taking pointless detours!

  • checkPlan your tour carefully: Pay attention to the latest weather situation and forecasts, only try bike tours that you trust you can complete and obtain the latest bicycle maps of the region

  • checkTake proper equipment: A good mountain bike with appropriate tyres and regularly checked brakes, suitable and practical clothing, a backpack with provisions and drinks as well as a mobile phone (for emergencies) are basic equipment.

  • checkRespect the nature: Please take your rubbish back with you, leave wild and grazing animals alone and respect the fact that Alpine pastures are recreation areas for everyone!

  • checkUse the cable cars: Don't just think about cycling up, consider taking cable cars and lifts to help you get back down. For inexperienced cyclists, this is usually the safest way to get back into the valley.

  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Lena Koller checking bikes before riding technique training c Daniel Gollner
    Before the technique training, Lena checks the mountain bikes of the students.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Lena Koller on the KAT Bike in the Brixental Valley c Daniel Gollner
    The mountain bike hero from the Brixental Valley is on a section of the KAT Bike.
  • Kitzbühel Alps Hero Bike Lena Koller on the KAT Bike with her mountain bike c Daniel Gollner
    Lena is on a part of the KAT Bike Route in the Brixental Valley.

10 rules of behaviour

for good biking behaviour

Austria's farmers play an important role in maintaining our Alpine pasture landscape. Each of us contributes with our behaviour to opinions of and tolerance towards the sport of mountain biking from the public and political decision-makers. We will all get on, we're sure of that. Some simple rules should be observed by all though:

10 rules of behaviour in detail

  • We ride at a controlled speed with an eye open for hazards! On trails and forest paths, obstacles can be expected at any time - e.g. damage to the route, stones, branches, temporarily stored wood, grazing cattle, pasture grates, barriers, tractors, forestry machines or vehicles of authorised persons.

  • We have consideration for others enjoying the nature!We only overtake at walking pace and make room in tight spaces. A friendly greeting and a thank you go a long way towards mutual understanding!!

  • We ride only on approved paths and accept that the forest paths are primarily for agricultural and forestry use!We take note of temporary road closures. We make room for oncoming or overtaking vehicles as far as is possible.

  • We close pasture gates! Livestock farming on our pastures is an important part of our culture. Under no circumstances will we damage pasture fences and we ride slowly and carefully past animals.

  • We pay consideration to nature and animals!We do not leave marked paths and trails, and we avoid riding on or entering meadows and pastures without a path. Night rides are unacceptable, even with lights.

  • We take our waste with us – this is a matter of honour!

  • We leave no traces! No blocked rear wheels or drift turns, as these damage trails. No detours in difficult passages or cutting hairpin bends! Beware of wet trails - erosion is even more likely here.

  • We always ride with a helmet and equipment in good condition! Our equipment is maintained and we are able to assess our own biking abilities. We protect ourselves against possible changes in the weather with weatherproof and warm clothing in Alpine terrain.

  • We plan our tours! Our tour selection should correspond to our own abilities in order not to get into emergency situations on the mountain. We are back in the valley before dusk.

  • We keep quiet and wait until we are in the valley to let out cries of joy!


On a good path together!

Working with and not against each other: that is the motto for cyclists and hikers in the Kitzbühel Alps!