The stages & variants of the KAT Bike

The multi-day tour by mountain bike through the Kitzbühel Alps is divided into 3 stages. There are two variants to choose from. The KAT Bike Sport+ is particularly suitable for the sporty ambitious cyclist. The KAT Bike E-njoy is designed for pleasure bikers and e-mountain bikers.

At a glance: KAT Bike variants and stages

KAT Bike-Kitzbüheler-Alpen-Ausrollen der Mountainbiker am Radweg-Etappe 2-E-Haiden (1)

KAT Bike E-njoy

The KAT Bike E-njoy places the focus fully on pleasure and gaining impressive experiences in the charming mountain landscape of the Kitzbühel Alps. The target groups are e-bikers with basic technical abilities and bikers in good physical shape. We recommend mountain bikes with good/medium profile tyres.

Facts KAT Bike E-njoy:

  • checkDuration: 3 days / 4 nights

  • checkUphill: 3860 m

  • checkDistance: 164 km

KAT Bike-Kitzbüheler-Alpen-Mountainbiker am Weg zum Wiegalmtrail-Etappe 3(c)E-Haiden  (3)

KAT Bike Sport+

On this variant you will gain a lot of altitude and kilometres. In addition to beautiful landscapes and panoramic peaks, the bike professional will also encounter some very technical descents with tricky trails. We recommend hardtail or fully mountain bikes with good/medium tread tyres. ATTENTION: E-mountain bikes are not permitted on the 3rd KAT Bike Sport+ stage.

Facts KAT Bike Sport+:

  • checkDuration: 3 days / 4 nights

  • checkUphill: 5300 m

  • checkDistance: 147 km

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