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Green Line
For beginners, adults and children, but also for advanced riders to train their cornering technique and as an approach to the jump lines. Wave tracks and banked turns with small tables for the first small jumps. Gain your first trail experience and consolidate your cornering technique. No large stones, no roots, no trees, absolutely safe.

Blue Line
For talented beginners and advanced riders. Some jumps (can also be rolled over). Tighter curve radii, higher speeds, easy rock gardens and steeper passages. At the end there is the infamous Penzinghof Jump - but only for experienced jumpers!

Red Line
More difficult trail with black sections that can be ridden around. Bigger jumps, technical rock gardens, drops and tight turns as well as lots of tables, doubles and rollers. Advanced riders will feel at home here, not suitable for beginners!

Black Uphill Trail 
A technical uphill trail for experienced e-bikers and fit organic bikers. This is in line with the strong trend among electrically assisted bikers towards technical uphill riding and also offers competitive athletes another line for training camps. There are hairpin bends, large stones, steps and wooden obstacles to overcome.

Jump Park
3 lines - blue, red, black: A stone drop as an introduction at three different heights, a table as a finish. The 3 difficulties are gradually increased from blue to black and you can improve and feel your way towards more height and width.
Skill Park
Two hairpin bend trails, steep steps, steep descent and practice trail. Perfect for learning mountain biking and gradually improving your skills.

- 4 trails: Green, Blue, Red & Black Line
- 1 jump line with 3 levels of difficulty: Blue, Red & Black
- Skill area: hairpin bends, steep steps, practice trail and more...
- Pro Tow Bike tow lift
- Bike Wash
- Sport Patrick's Bike Shop & Rental


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