Möslalm und Möslalmkogel in Wörgl

Hike to the Möslalm and to the Möslalmkogel

The summit high above the town of Wörgl at 1109 metres

Cuisine, summit fun and views - in every event these are the highlights of a hike to the Möslalm and to the Möslalmkogel in Wörgl. High above the town, families are well catered for, just as much as pleasure-oriented sports fans and hikers. The summit is easily accessible and provides an extra special mountain adventure, whether it is in spring, summer or late autumn. As well as hikers, there are also lots of mountain bikers and E-bikers up on the Möslalm. The wide forest trail is an official cycle route up to the Alpine inn. In winter the hiking trail becomes a snow track, delighting winter hikers and tobogganing fans. Explore this pleasure-oriented mountain in the town of Wörgl and find out more about the hiking trail and the snack stop options available via this site.

  • Möslalm and Möslalmkogel in Wörgl
    The Möslalm in Wörgl from a bird's eye perspective.
  • Rest after mountain biking in Möslalm
    After a mountain bike tour to the Möslalm in Wörgl cyclists can treat themselves to a well-deserved break on the fantastic sun loungers on the summit.
  • Möslalm and Möslalmkogel in Wörgl
    During a hike you always get to enjoy wonderful views to the surrounding towns.
  • Möslalm and Möslalmkogel in Wörgl
    The Möslalm in Wörgl is a popular excursion mountain for all sports fans.
  • Hike to Möslalm Wörgl
    In spring you get to enjoy a wonderful sea of flowers on the Möslalm.
  • Summit Möslalmkogel Wörgl
    Dreamy sunset across the town of Wörgl on the Möslalmkogel.
  • Refreshments Möslalm Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    Snack time! After a hike in Holiday Region Hohe Salve you really have earned a refreshing drink and a delicious Tirol snack.

Details & facts about the hiking trail to the Möslalmkogel

  • checkDuration: depending on the hiking trail, approx. 2 - 3 hours

  • checkHighest point: 1109 m

  • checkMetres ascent: depending on the hiking trail, 440 - 550 m

  • checkLevel: Medium / Red throughout

  • checkStart point: Wörgl parish church or Hopfgarten information office

Special points on the route: Möslalm (snack stop option)

Möslalm (No. 13)

  • Open
  • directions_walkMediumLevel
  • access_time3:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt10,3 kmDistance
  • terrain1090 mHighest point
  • trending_up580 mUphill
  • trending_down580 mDownhill
  • Details

Snack stop options

After a hike, Alpengasthof Möslalm tempts you in to enjoy a leisurely snack stop. High above Wörgl you get to enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks on the sun terrace. The city of Wörgl and town of Hopfgarten have lots of additional snack stop options at hike start points.


From the city into the middle of nature

From the city into the middle of nature

The Möslalmkogel with the traditional Möslalm is the local mountain for the people of Wörgl. This leisure-oriented mountain for all abilities is not just popular with the people of the town, people from near and far hike way up high to enjoy the expansive views.

Many roads lead to Rome - but many roads also head up to the Möslalmkogel.

The most popular route was and is the forest trail which starts in Wörgl. One particular advantage of this ascent is the fact that it close to the centre of town. The start point for the hike is then easily accessible via the parking areas in the centre of town and also from the main train station.

Another hiking trail starts direct in Hopfgarten town centre. From there, proceed via the Bruggberg right up to the Kogel which has the summit cross. A special highlight on this hiking path is certainly the forest trail, which proceeds over sticks and stones, roots and woodland floor, right up to the summit.

Whatever route you choose in the end, one thing is sure, the expansive views on the summit will fill you with inspiration!

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