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Goasberg Joch - Panoramic Alpine Trails

The Gaisberg is considered to be the sport mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps. In Winter, possible sports include skiing, toboganning, ski touring and ice climbing. However in Summer, Kirchberg's main mountain has a lot to offer. There is the Lisi Osl Trail - a dynamic downhill course, as well as numerous other mountain bike trails. Best of all is to discover all the Gaisberg's attractions on foot.

Panoramic and alpine paths - the Goasberg Joch

The panoramic and alpine paths of the Goasberg Joch are some of the most beautiful in the Kitzbühel Alps. Discover a unique hiking pleasure in parts of the higher alpine terrain. As soon as you've hurdled the tree-line, you reach a fantastic diversified and primary mountain landscape with alpine pastures.
Goasberg Joch
Goasberg Joch

Panoramic views

From the summit, you have a very impressive view of the magnificent mountains and Alpine landscape of the Kitzbühel Alps. Almost every known mountain summit can be seen from here.

From the Hohe Salve in the West to the majestic Wilde Kaiser in the North as far as the Kitzbühel Horn and the famous Hahnenkamm (knows for its spectacular ski run on the "Streif") in the East. In the South the Big Rettenstein presents itself and when visibility is really good, distant mountain top ranges such as the Hohe Tauern can be admired from here.

Details and facts

  • Walking time : 2 - 3 hours approx.
  • Length: 9 km
  • Difference in altitude : 500 m approx. (1,264 - 1,776 m)

Tip: Enroute you will see panoramic signposts with the summit names.

Catering and mountain restaurants

Alpine Catering
Alpine Catering

For many centuries the pastures on the Gaisberg have been contributing to the economy. In the past, the first priortity of the Alpine dairy farmers was to produce cheese, milk, and meat over the Summer months.

As people increasingly discovered the recreational and hiking possilities of the Gaisberg, the importance of farming developed more and more alongside the tourism aspects.

Nowadays, a large selection of working alpine pastures welcome the hiking guests to relax and recharge on their sunny terraces, while spoiling them with Tyrolean delicacies, hearty snacks or a refreshing beer.

Gaisbergalm - 1,273 m

Get away from the hectic everyday life - recharge your batteries! Here on the Gaisberg pastures you will find in Summer, as in Winter, your gorgeous piece of happiness! Hiking, mountain biking, celebrating or just recharging your batteries, everything is possible on the Gaisberg in Kirchberg, Tyrol. Enjoy an unforgettable Summer holiday in Kirchberg in Tyrol. The Winter is something very special - as a Winter holiday should be. The ski and toboganning facilities on the Gaisberg are calling out to you! Guests from near and far, as well as the locals, gather on the Gaisbergalm!

Bärstättalm - 1,440 m

Situated on a small plateau on the Gaisberg, the Bärstättalm can be easily reached by an approximately 30 minute walk from the Gaisberg lift. From the Alpenrosenbahn's mountain-top station, the walk takes approximately one-and-a-half hours.
"Regional + Seasonal = Ideal!"
With these words the managers have taken on a lot of work. They serve primarily local produts and promote their importance so that as much as possible will be sold within the Brixental.
There is a beautiful sunny terrace, partially roofed, with a view of Kirchberg!
Open daily at 9.00 am from May to October.

Wiegalm - 1,507 m

Good food and drink!
The romantic Alpine hut in the most beautiful hiking area of the Kitzbühel Alps offers relaxation for hikers and mountain bikers, not forgetting the Tyrolean cuisine - famous for its roast leg of pork at the weekends!

Kobingerhütte and Pilgrimage Church - 1,500 m

In the middle of the quaint alpine pastures of Harlassangeralm at 1,500m, high above the Spertental, you will find our little hut. Well worth seeing is the newly renovated pilgrimage church. The cosy snug with its tiled stove and the wide sun terrace with beautiful views are so tempting to dwell a little longer. Here is also a good starting point for climbs to numerous mountain summits in close proximity.
Open daily in Summer.
Open from Friday to Sunday in Winter.
Ideal for ski-tourers and snow-shoe hikers. Ascent via Reiserer (near Ki-West), luggage transported free-of-charge, house pets €5.

Fauna and Flora

"Gais" (and in Brixental's dialect "Goas") translates as a goat or a female chamois. Most probably this mountain has received its name from this animal. The inaccessible rocky mountainside and pine slopes on the west side are the ideal habitat for the chamois.
Rarities such as black grouse and hazel grouse are very shy and therefore difficult to observe. Ravens and also birds of prey appear as always at some stage on the route. The golden eagle from the Rettenstein also appears frequently.

Because of this geological situation, a very appealing change of calcicolous and silicate flora can be experienced and enjoyed here, on this route, like no where else. In the Wiegalm area, for example, the track runs along this border where it seems, that with just a few steps, you traverse 200 million years!
Particularly in Spring and early Summer, the Gaisberg slopes present almost a sea of orchids, gentian, Alpine aricula and mountain cowslips as well as many other rarities!

Fauna and Flora on the Goasberg

Fauna Flora
Roe deer Mixed forest (spruch, fir, beech, larch)
Red deer Mountain pine
Chamois Arnica
Game (fox, stone marten, tree marten, badger) all species of orchids
Brown hare and Alpine hare dwarf campanula
Wood grouse cock Saxifrage
Black grouse Club moss
Ptarmigan Columbine
Kestrel Aconite
Hawk Gentian
Eagle Daphne mezereum


The Gaisberg is a particular geological feature. It is a limestone mountain isolated in the middle of gravel mountains from the Palaezoic era which thus gives evidence of dramatic ceiling shifts during the formation of our Alps.

Sayings and Legends

Sayings and Legends
Sayings and Legends

Harlassanger Church
In ancient times, a charcoal burner lived near Harlassanger. One day as the man wanted to split a wooden log, he was filled with despair. The log just wouldn't split in two. Suddenly a wild young lady appeared and asked if she could help him. The man was delighted with this offer of help. The young lady put her hands into the partially split log, being secured by a wedge, to pull it apart. But the man immediately whipped the wedge out and the poor young lady's hands were trapped. She screamed for help. A giant arrived and released the young girl's hands. The cruel charcoal burner had been watching and laughing up to this. Then the giant shouted at the man, "Haar lass, you're finished!" and with that the man dropped down dead. Húndreds of years later, a farmer that was said to be the last descendant of the charcoal burner, built the Harlassanger Church, so that no more injustice would ever take place again here.

Another legend, again about the wild young lady, reports: At once stage in very turbulent times, there was a posse of wild young ladies on the Gaisberg. They begged or their meals from the farmers. However one day, the ladies were met with very harsh words from the farmers. The ladies complained about their desperate need. As one farmer heard of their complaints, he took pity on the ladies and decided to give them food everyday. There was just one condition - they must protect his son from all danger. And this they did! But one day none of the wild young ladies came; the son had disappeared. Everyone was very sad. The farmers anger flared up. He said nothing, but in his mind he wished the young ladies only doom. "The wild young ladies - they should all die," was his final wish before he went to sleep. In the morning, his son arrived and was really sad. The wild young ladies flew over the farm, screaming "The farmer and his son deserve a war!" And so it was! A few moons after this event the farmer and his son were victims of the war. The farmer's wife had the Harlassanger Church built in memory or her husband and son.

Hiking Map - Goasberg Joch

Goasberg Joch


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