Gästekarte Brixental

Guest card & local taxes in Brixental Valley

Numerous benefits and discounts with your guest card!

Guests in the towns of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg in Tirol and Westendorf are given a free guest ticket for the region. This ticket is your constant holiday companion and provides great value discounts with our partners. From discounts to free services, there is something there to suit almost everyone. For instance you get discounted rates with the local mountain lifts and at Westendorf golf course. Pay a special rate on many entrance fees to excursion destinations. Or use the Brixental Valley guest card as your free ticket on all regional bus lines and regional ÖBB train services. Your guest card is issued by your accommodation provider when you arrive.

One card - so many benefits!

  • checkFree use of the buses between Wörgl and Kitzbühel

  • checkFree use of the ÖBB local trains between Wörgl and Hochfilzen

  • checkDiscounts on local mountain lifts

  • checkDiscounts on the activity programmes available for children & teenagers

  • checkDiscounts in the indoor & outdoor pools in the region

  • checkNumerous discounts and special offers with partner businesses in the region

  • checkDiscounts on guided hikes

  • checkConcessions at excursion destinations and exhibitions within the region and in the surrounding area

  • checkAnd much more.

Guest card = travel card

In the Kitzbühel Alps by bus and train

The biggest benefit of the guest card is that it can be used on all the public transport available in the region. As a guest in the towns of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf you get to use the entire bus and train network in the region, without having to purchase a separate ticket for each respective method of transport. Just board, show your valid guest card and travel in comfort and ease through the Kitzbühel Alps - even on the day you arrive and the day you are due to depart!

Here your guest card is your travel card.

  • checkOn the entire bus network between Wörgl and Kitzbühel

  • checkOn all the regional trains operated by ÖBB (almost hourly) between Wörgl and Hochfilzen in PillerseeTal

  • checkOn the entire route network for Wörgler Citybus'

  • checkOn the buses between Kitzbühel and Aschau (near Kirchberg)

Discounts with your guest card

Free year-round

  • checkUse of the mountain lift on the route between Kirchbichl / Wörgl and Hochfilzen (valid for ÖBB local trains; excludes IC, EC & RailJet services)

  • checkBus use between Wörgl and Kitzbühel, and also between Aschau and Kitzbühel

  • checkPark & Ride - A copy of your guest card is your parking ticket for the designated Park + Ride railway parking area in the Kitzbühel Alps region (this includes the following Park & Rides: Hopfgarten, Westendorf, Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg/T., Kitzbühel, St. Johann/T., Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen)

mountain lifts & Lifts

  • checkKitzbühel, Brixen and Westendorf mountain lifts: up to 5% discount on single tickets (summer season)

  • checkKitzbühel mountain lift: up to 5% discount on single journeys for pedestrians (discounts on single journeys for walkers, only available on Kitzbühel gondola services: Hahnenkammbahn, Fleckalmbahn and Hornbahn; only valid during the winter season!)

  • checkBike tickets for "Lisi Osl-", "Gaisberg-" & "Fleckalmtrail": € 1.00 discount on bike tickets (summer season)

  • checkKitzbühel Alps Summer Card: up to € 5.50 discount (summer season)

  • checkSkiWelt experience hiking pass: up to € 5.00 discount (summer season)

Regional activity programme

  • checkThe activity programme for the towns of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg in Tirol and Westendorf is free of charge, or available at a considerably discounted rate, with your guest card in the summer and in the winter. More detailed information is available direct from the latest weekly programme in the tourist information office, or can be found on our homepage.

  • checkWith the guest card, the same conditions apply on offers for guided hikes, bike tours or children's programmes in the four Kitzbüheler Alpine regions Brixental, Hohe Salve, St. Johann in Tirol and PillerseeTal.

Sports & leisure facilities

  • checkSwimming lake and outdoor adventure pool in Brixen im Thale: up to € 1.70 discount on day tickets (summer season)

  • checkWestendorf outdoor pool: up to € 1.00 discount on day tickets (summer season)

  • checkAquarena Kitzbühel indoor swimming pool: up to 5% discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkSchwarzsee Kitzbühel golf course: 20% discount on green fees (summer season - discount for guests who are staying the night in Kirchberg only)

  • checkWestendorf golf course: 20% discount on green fees (summer season)

  • checkBrixen im Thale tennis court: up to € 7.00 discount (summer season)

  • checkKirchberg tennis court: up to 20% discount (summer season)

  • checkWestendorf tennis court: up to 20% discount (summer season)

  • checkMountain bike hire Freerider Schirmbar Westendorf: 10% discount on mountain bike hire (summer season)

Excursion destinations

  • checkAggstein Edelbrände St.Johann in Tirol: 5% discount on the extensive range available in the Schnapsalm (year round)

  • checkWildschönau excursion train: up to € 2.00 discount on journeys to Kundler Klamm (summer season)

  • checkHasegg Castle & Hall Mint: 10% discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkKufstein Fortress: 10% discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkMurmi's Kinderland indoor playground: Up to € 1.50 discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkHohe Tauern National Park Centre: up to 20% discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkPinzgau local railway: 30% discount on journeys on the steam train /nostalgia transport to Krimml (year-round)

  • checkTratzberg Castle: 10% discount on entry (summer season)

  • checkSwarovski Crystal Worlds Wattens: 10% discount on entry (year-round)

  • checkTiroler Edelbrennerei Erber Brixen im Thale: up to 20% discount on guided tours/sightseeing incl. film and tasting (year-round)

  • checkAurach wildlife park near Kitzbühel: € 1.00 discount on entry for adults (year-round)

  • checkWildschönau Reisen: 10% discount on excursions (access at Kirchberg and Westendorf - Summer season)

  • checkAlpine igloo Brixen: Free guided tour through the igloo village and the ice art exhibition (winter season)

FAQ - Queries about the guest card

Good to know

  • checkWhere do I get the guest card? The card is provided by your accommodation provider when you arrive.

  • checkHow long is the guest card valid for? It is valid for the duration of your stay - that is, up to and including the day you arrive and the day you are due to depart.

  • checkHow much is the guest card? The card is provided free of charge from your first night's stay with an accommodation provider in Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf.

  • checkWhat do I do if I lose my guest card? Contact your accommodation provider. They can issue a duplicate.

  • checkIs there a guest card issued for all the family? No, every family member over the age of 5 needs their own card.

  • checkDo I always have to have my guest card with me? Yes, to avail of discounts your card ought to be a constant companion during your holiday.

  • checkEven if I have a valid guest card do I still need a train or a bus ticket? No, your guest card is your ticket for both buses and train travel within the Kitzbühel Alps.

  • checkCan the card be sent to me in advance? Yes it can. Please get in touch with your accommodation provider for more information on this matter. There is the option of having a digital personalised guest card. This means that your card is always available on your mobile phone and you can use it when you arrive via public transport.

  • checkHow is the guest card financed? Discounts and free services included in the card are financed via your contribution to cover the costs of the local taxes. This is to be paid per person and night in the amount defined. The bill is made directly by your accommodation provider.

General Terms & Conditions of Business: Every guest over the age of 5 receives a guest card from a stay of one night and over in Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf. The Brixental Valley guest card is not transferable. It is only valid for the specified period of stay and when the guest's full name is completed. It will be withdrawn in the event of misuse and a replacement will not be issued. In certain circumstances in the scope of services provided or for important reasons, it may be restricted. Services will not be reimbursed or paid out in cash. Some service partners may require additional identification (an official photographic I.D.).

Brixental valley guest card

Local taxes/Visitor taxes

Your contribution toward quality throughout the holiday region

Have you ever asked yourself why you have to pay a "local tax" if you are spending a night in the region? Well the explanation is quite simple: This money goes direct to the expanding upon your holiday experience. The tourist association uses it to organise social events, concerts and sports events, to invest in new infrastructure and to improve and optimise existing roads, slopes and facilities and improve the service offer on site. Without these overnight stay duties your holiday might not be what it ultimately is: An experience for all the senses - from the first to the last day. It also finances traditional methods of advertising for the holiday region, that may have brought Brixental Valley to your attention. And: Quality is important to us. That is why we provide regular training for our landlords and landladies, giving them further training with high-quality practical seminars. After all, we want you to feel as great as you would do at home - just with more offers and services available to you!

Town Amount
Brixen im Thale € 2.00 (per person / night)
Kirchberg in Tirol € 2.00 (per person / night)
Westendorf € 2.00 (per person / night)

Local taxes are to be paid per person and night directly to the respective accommodation provider. Children under the age of 15 do not pay any local taxes. Local taxes are set out as a specific charge on your hotel bill.

Liable to pay local taxes

  • check2020: from D.O.B. 2004

  • check2021: from D.O.B. 2005

  • check2022: from D.O.B. 2006