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Doctors, pharmacies & emergency services

What doctors are currently open? Which doctors have an emergency service?

None of us want this. But it can happen that you get ill or injured during your well-deserved holiday. A tooth can start to give you pain. Or you might need a new medication from the pharmacy. An overview of all the doctors, pharmacies and dentists in the region that are currently open can be found here. Find the closed emergency service in your area and save yourself valuable time looking. Everything is available here at a glance.

Doctors that are currently open

Please note: Only doctors and doctor’s surgeries that are currently open are shown!

Pharmacies that are currently open

Please note: Only pharmacies that are currently open are shown!

Dentists that are currently open

Please note: Only dentists that are currently open are shown!

Nearby hospitals

Always open. Always here for you. So close.

In urgent cases, in the event of severe illness or injury, there are two outstanding hospitals in the Brixental Valley area: In St. Johann in Tirol and in Kufstein. Both are just a 20 and 30 minute drive from Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf and provide a first-class service in almost all areas.

Emergency numbers

So you can reach the right partner at any time!

The state of Tirol has fantastic doctors, dentists and hospitals and is clearly above the EU average. Local doctors help you with any kind of injury and illness. For emergencies, Tirol Co-Ordination Centre is there to provide advice. The key thing is to have the right emergency numbers to hand and to give the correct information.

Important emergency telephone numbers

  • checkAlpine emergency: 140

  • checkEuro emergency: 112

Even more information about the rescue chain

Even more information about the rescue chain
Even more information about the rescue chain

Find out more about the topic of "Safety in the mountains” here. What is the proper way to act? What emergency contacts can you use? And how do you make sure you are ok beforehand?


The correct way to report an accident:

  • check Where is the exact accident location?

  • check Who is reporting the accident? (In some circumstances provide a call-back number.)

  • check What has happened?

  • check How many are injured?

  • check Follow the instructions of the control centre staff.

An overview of doctors & pharmacies
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