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Local mobility

In Brixental Valley it doesn’t always have to be your own car - things get even more comfortable!

The Kitzbühel Alps - and specifically the towns of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf - have been working to provide sustainability and environmentally-aware travel. Which why the holiday region provides so many different, comfortable and attractive ways to get mobile, all of which are easy on the environment. The outstanding connections to short and long-distance travel routes makes moving about by bus and train child’s play. Additional shuttle and ski buses complete the public transport options available. The best thing: With the regional guest card you even get to use these services free of charge - round the clock and for every day of your holiday. Do you already travel by E-car? Here too you are really well catered-for with the numerous public (and also private) electricity charging points. Find out more here about sustainable transport methods in Brixental Valley and help us change and organise the region in a sustainable manner.


Kitzbüheler Alpen - Autofrei

Mit der Kitzbüheler Alpen Gästekarte erkunden Sie die Ausflugsziele der Kitzbüheler Alpen bequem und schnell mit dem Zug. Alle Nahverkehrszüge innerhalb der Kitzbüheler Alpen zwischen Wörgl und Hochfilzen sind in Ihrer Gästekarte inkludiert (ausgenommen IC, EC und RailJet). Die Kitzbüheler Alpen Gästekarte erhalten Sie von Ihrem Vermieter vor Ort oder vor Ihrer Anreise die mobile Gästekarte. Mit dieser erhalten Sie auch zahlreiche Vergünstigungen und Ermäßigungen für Ausflugsziele in und um die Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Guest card = Travel ticket

Your "public transport ticket" in Brixental Valley helps you discover the region in an environmentally-friendly manner!

The red, regional guest card makes it really attractive to leave your car parked while you are on holiday. With the regional card for Brixental Valley you actually get to use all of the regional bus lines and even the ÖBB local trains free of charge. Just hop on, show your guest card and travel in comfort and relaxed through the Kitzbühel Alps. The card is available free of charge from your first night's stay, issued direct by your accommodation provider. On request it can even be sent digitally, to your mobile telephone. Which means you can use your guest card even before you get here.

Mobility services included:

  • checkFree use of all the regional trains between Wörgl and Hochfilzen

  • checkFree use of the bus connections between Wörgl and Kitzbühel

  • checkFree use of the Citybus lines throughout Wörgl

Find out more about the guest card for Brixental Valley

Find out more about the guest card for Brixental Valley
Find out more about the guest card for Brixental Valley

The regional guestcard is not just valid on many public transport options. Numerous other partners provide you with attractive discounts and services when you show your regional card. Find out more here.


Mobile by bus and train

Get to excursion destinations by public transport

In Brixental Valley there is nothing easier than planning excursions by public transport. After all, with the regional guest card you get to use all the bus connections between Wörgl and Kitzbühel, as well as all local ÖBB services between Wörgl and Hochfilzen free of charge. Just show your guest card when you hop aboard and explore all of the Kitzbühel Alps in an environmentally-friendly manner. Ideal connections and links make it possibly for you to get to lots of excursion destinations easily and in comfort.

Towns with train stations

  • checkBrixen im Thale: Located right in the town. About a 10 minute walk to the centre of town. Free Park & Ride parking available. Link to the public bus system right at the train station.

  • checkKirchberg: Right in the centre of town. About a 10 minute walk to the centre of town. Free Park & Ride parking available. Link to the public bus system, about a 10 minute walk from the train station (in the town centre).

  • checkWestendorf: Located just outside the town. About a 20 minute walk to the village. Free, spacious Park & Ride car park available. Link to the public bus system right at the train station.

Timetables & Timings

  • checkBuses: On weekdays public buses operate from 08:00 to 20:00 almost on the hour between Wörgl and Kitzbühel. On Sundays & public holidays journeys are considerably reduced.

  • checkLocal trains: On weekdays these operate from 06:00 to 20:00 almost every half hour Trains through Brixental, with connections to Wörgl, Kitzbühel, St. Johann, Hochfilzen and Saalfelden; thereafter they are on the hour or every two hours until around 01:00 in the morning. Sundays and public holidays: Adjusted timetables.

Please see the latest timetables

Please see the latest timetables
Please see the latest timetables

Timetables vary slightly depending on the season. For that reason, please see the valid information boards and timetables. Theses are always available to download here.


Search for a connection

Find the right train or bus connection now

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The 2Plus day ticket

Discover all of Tirol for less money!

Want to visit excursion destinations in Tirol (excludes the Kitzbühel Alps, and areas not included in the validity area for the regional guest card) and leave your car parked up? Then the 2Plus day ticket is the right offer for you! With this ticket up to 2 adults and a maximum of 3 children (under the age of 15) can use all the local transport options (bus and train) all day within the Tirol area. A ticket costs 34 Euro. Note: Long-distance trains, including the InterCity, EuroCity and Railjet are excluded from the ticket!

  • Mobility in the Kitzbüheler Alpen
    Couple laughing en route to the Regionalbus.
  • Mobility in the Kitzbühel Alps
  • Mobility in the Kitzbühel Alps
    Couple getting on to the Regionalbahn.

Ski buses in the region

Your convenient access to the ski areas

Park up your car. Comfortably and easily to the ski area. Change ski areas. - The ski buses in the region make it possible! Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf have several, attractive connections. The internal lines mostly collect you very close to your accommodation and take you free of charge direct to the local ski area. The cross-regional buses are also ski buses in the winter and make it possible for you to transfer ski area conveniently and with ease. The respective cable-car valley stations are all directly serviced by buses. And travel free of charge. Pre-requisites: Either show your valid guest card or a valid ski pass. In the majority of cases it is enough to just travel in the bus wearing your ski clothing and carrying your equipment. All so easy, straightforward and comfortable. Can you imagine anything more practical?

Current ski bus timetables

Current ski bus timetables
Current ski bus timetables

... can be found here. So you don’t miss any of the ski buses in Brixental Valley and can hop aboard from your accommodation and head to the ski area, or change to another ski area. Read more about it right here!


Environmentally-friendly in an E-car

Public charging stations provide plenty of "power" for your car

Yet sustainable travel can also mean travelling in your own electric car. And for this, the towns of Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf provide several public charging stations for E-cars. Thanks to an integrated system (Smatrics) charging at all public charging stations is straightforward and easy. The electricity for the charging process comes for 100 percent renewable energy, so driving your car enhances your environmental footprint. An increasing number of excursion destinations and landlords are also providing options for you to charge your E-car.

Electric car - St. Johann in Tirol region

Taxi company

Taking you everywhere!

Brixental Valley has excellent connections to the public transport network. In spite of that, in the mountains there are still plenty of places and towns that cannot be reached on public transport. In actual fact you can move about more flexibly and be more versatile with local taxis in the Kitzbühel Alps. They even offer airport transport to the closest airports in Munich, Innsbruck and Salzburg. All the local taxi companies can be found here:

Taxi Ralf Schlechter

Taxi Ralf Schlechter
Taxi Ralf Schlechter
Brixen im Thale

Taxi Mariarcher

Taxi Mariarcher
Taxi Mariarcher
Kirchberg in Tirol

Taxiteam Westendorf

Taxiteam Westendorf
Taxiteam Westendorf
Open todayWestendorf

Taxi Aschaber

Taxi Aschaber
Taxi Aschaber
Kirchberg in Tirol

On foot & by bike

Explore Brixental Valley naturally!

The most natural and probably loveliest way to get about is to walk or go on a bike tour. Unfortunately both of these options are often not considered. Yet it is precisely when you are walking or cycling that you get to experience the mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps at their loveliest. You can get to places that even taxis, buses, trains and cars can’t reach. The local cable cars also make getting up the mountains easier. Just think about it: Walking and cycling are not just adventure-packed, they are also liberating!

An interactive map of the Kitzbühel Alps

Explore the Kitzbühel Alps on foot or by bike. Whether it is hiking, walking, running, mountain biking or E-biking - your own power of often the loveliest way to travel. The best routes are shown in the interactive map.

  • Hiking trails for all seasons
  • Walking routes and child-friendly routes
  • Running and walking routes
  • Pleasure-oriented hiking routes
  • Panorama-packed mountain bike routes

Just select the filter category you want, find the right tour and GET GOING!


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