Letzte Sonnenstrahlen

Kleiner Rettenstein

"Small, but mighty!"

Kleiner Rettenstein with its 2,216 m may be smaller than Grosser Rettenstein, but in no way easier to get to. In order to reach the summit, you need surefootedness and a head for heights.


Kleiner Rettenstein

From Oberlandhütte Lodge in Aschau, the route goes along a forest road into the valley.

Data & Facts

  • checkType: half-day hike

  • checkDuration: 4.5 hours

  • checkDistance: 9.5 km

  • checkHighest point: 2,216 m

  • checkElevation gain uphill: 1,300

  • checkElevation drop downhill: 1,300

  • checkLevel: difficult / black mountain path

  • checkEquipment: good hiking boots, poles, drink

  • checkStarting point: Oberlandhütte in Aschau

Special waypoints:
On the last section you should definitely make a short detour to "Blaue Lacke" Lake.

Snack stops: Klooalm, Oberlandhütte

The "small" magnificent Rettenstein

  • directions_walkHardLevel
  • access_time6:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt19,0 kmDistance
  • terrain2216 mHighest point
  • trending_up1359 mUphill
  • trending_down1359 mDownhill
  • Details
  • Sign Kleiner Rettenstein
    These directions show the destination Kleiner Rettenstein.
  • Hiking paradise Kitzbühel Alps
    The Kitzbühel Alps are a paradise for hiking fans. All possible hiking trails can be found. This hiking trail leads up to Kleiner Rettenstein.
  • Goats on Kleiner Rettenstein
    The perfect location for goats: On the rocky slopes of Kleiner Rettenstein.

Interactive map

Plan your tour to the Kleiner Rettenstein with our interactive map. In addition to the specific data and facts about the tour, you will find further, specific route information, an altitude profile of the tour and GPS data to download. Directions as a PDF are also waiting for you.


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