• Angath
  • Angerberg
  • Brixen im Thale
  • Erpfendorf
  • Fieberbrunn
  • Hochfilzen
  • Hopfgarten
  • Kelchsau
  • Kirchberg
  • Kitzbühel
  • Kirchbichl
  • Kirchdorf
  • Itter
  • St. Jakob in Haus
  • St. Johann in Tirol
  • St. Ulrich am Pillersee
  • Mariastein
  • Westendorf
  • Oberndorf
  • Waidring
  • Wörgl

Circular route around Westendorf’s Golf Course


  • EasyLevel
  • access_time1:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt6,6 kmDistance
  • terrain867 mHighest point
  • trending_up38 mUphill
  • trending_down38 mDownhill

Tour information

Leaving the village centre we head off in a westerly direction along the Dorfstraße towards Holzham.  At the Niedernbichlhof / Boarstadl, we turn to the left onto a side road.  At the Oberhauser Appartments we veer to the right where we can then see the Driving Range ahead of us.  At the Driving Range we turn to the right, and then at the Club House we keep to the left following the walking route once again.  Just below the Jagdhüte we branch off to the left onto the woodland walking trail. Remaining at the edge of the golf course grounds, we eventually come to a roadway.  We follow this road to the left as far as the Aunerhof.  After a pleasant refreshment stop, we continue our walk along the golf course to our left, eventually branching off to the left onto a gravel path.  Here we cross over the golf course grounds until we reach a roadway.  Keeping to the left at this point, we arrive at a nice chapel. At this Walkhofkapelle (chapel), we cross the road and turn right onto the walking trail at the Driving Range.  From here we follow the path, which we already know, back to Westendorf’s village centre. 

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Circular route around Westendorf’s Golf Course


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  • Ortszentrum Westendorf
  • Ortszentrum Westendorf
  • Asphalt, Schotter
  • Sportschuhe
  • mit Bus nach Westendorf - Haltestelle Sennerei


Windau Lounge

Windau Lounge
Windau Lounge
Open todayWestendorf


Airport Round

Airport RoundEasy
Airport Roundaccess_time1:00 harrow_right_alt6,6 kmfavorite_borderfavorite


Weitentalwegaccess_time2:00 harrow_right_alt6,5 kmfavorite_borderfavorite

Brixner Gangl

Brixner GanglEasy
Brixner Ganglaccess_time3:00 harrow_right_alt7,0 kmfavorite_borderfavorite

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