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Hiking Butterfly

Hiking routes around Brixen im Thale

The four great hiking suggestions - with the connecting "Brixner Gangl" as the centre piece - offer extensive and varied hikes on harmless terrain. Each of the four trails is assigned a colour. Small signposts in the same colour with a butterfly as a guiding symbol accompany you on your way. So wherever you see a green butterfly, for example, you are on the Silver Trail (Silberweg). Perhaps you have rarely done any longer hikes before. Try it and set off on the route. Let the hiking butterfly lead you - you won't regret it!

Mountain lifts are convenient ways to get up and down the mountain for those who want to save sweat and time or protect their knees on the descent. The mountain lifts offer day passes and hiking passes for various time intervals.

All the trails described here can be tackled in good weather without difficulty and without any major mountain experience. However, please bear in mind that in the event of a thunderstorm or a change in the weather, dangers may be similar as in higher mountains.

The Brixner Gangl

The Brixner Gangl
The Brixner Gangl

"Brixen's balcony" leads you above the holiday resort across colourful meadows and through green forests. It forms the main trail of the hiking butterfly, so to speak, and is very popular with guests as well as locals.



  • Filzalmsee & Hohe Salve
  • Morgengrauen in Brixen
  • Roter Bergweg