Art workshop for adults

St. Johann in Tirol, Lederergasse 5





3 hours

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with Dr Ulrike Laubert-Konietzny

Two artists of the 20th century are the focus of this two-part workshop: Pablo Picasso and Cy Twombly.

Starting with a lesser-known work in Picasso's oeuvre, we will look at a complex of themes in which he explores the tension between himself as an artist and his counterpart in ever new pictorial inventions. The eye remains the most important element in these drawings and paintings as well as in the portraits of women from this period.

Paintings, collages and objects by the American Cy Twombly were created in his adopted country of Italy, among other places. His late large-format cycles invite the viewer to immerse themselves in his world of ciphers and signs, vivid colours and real, recognisable things and to explore their references to history and myths.

Selected reproductions of works invite contemplation and critical discussion, while short excursions into art history shed light on further aspects and surprising comparisons. Your impressions may provide inspiration for individual creative realisations using different techniques.

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