Wandern Familie Hohe Salve (111)

Lake circuit around the Hohe Salve

Panoramic circular trail past three reservoirs

The lake hike around the Hohe Salve is a true experience for the whole family. Passing three lakes, you hike a complete circuit along well-maintained paths. Exciting highlights such as gondola rides, three refreshing reservoirs, Tyrol's most beautiful view included. So nothing like up and purely in the adventure mountain. The beautiful waypoints invite you to relax, discover and play. So the hike around the Hohe Salve will certainly not be boring.

  • Hiking family Hohe Salve (103)
    The family puts in a break after a leisurely hike to the reservoir Hohe Salve to play and frolic around.
  • Kitzbühel Alps-Mountain-adventure-world-Filzalmsee-watergiant-c-Christian Kapfinger (5)
    The children work the pedal pump to make a water giant appear out of lake Filzalmsee in the Kitzbühel Alps.
  • Hiking family Hohe Salve (94)
    The family enjoys time together at Salvensee Lake in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve.

Data & Facts

  • checkPlace: Hopfgarten in Brixental

  • checkStarting point: Mid-station Hohe Salve, Hopfgarten

  • checkParking: Valley station cable car Hohe Salve Hopfgarten

  • checkTotal distance: 9.7 km

  • checkDifficulty: medium

  • checkWalking time: approx. 3 hours

  • checkSuitable for children and families: Yes

  • checkCable car ticket: Mountain Adventure Card or Kitzbühel Alps Summer Card

The tour starts at the middle station of the Salvenbahn Hopfgarten. From there, a well-maintained alpine road leads uphill to the Hohe Salve reservoir. After about 50 minutes you reach the first highlight of the tour, where benches and loungers invite you to take a rest. Continue along the alpine road to the Salvensee, another pond on the Hohe Salve, with breathtaking views of the Kitzbühel Alps and the Hohe Tauern in the south. From there, follow the signs towards the Rigi, without any major ascents. After about half an hour you reach the Alpengasthof Rigi, a refreshment stop with an impressive view. After refreshments, continue the tour, first downhill to the Kälbersalvenalm and then up to the summit of the Kleine Salve. There you will find the third and last mountain lake of the tour, the Kleine Salve reservoir. Here you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view from the benches and loungers before heading back to the starting point.

Hopfgarten mountain railway to the middle station

Hopfgarten mountain railway to the middle station
Hopfgarten mountain railway to the middle station

Use the Salvenbahn I in Hopfgarten to get to the starting point, the middle station.
Or ride up to the summit with the Salvenbahn I and II. Discover the most beautiful panoramic mountain in Tyrol, the Hohe Salve, at 1,829 m.


3 Lakes Tour

  • directions_walkMediumLevel
  • access_time3:15 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt9,7 kmDistance
  • terrain1610 mHighest point
  • trending_up515 mUphill
  • trending_down515 mDownhill
  • Details

Highlights of the tour

  • checkHohe Salve reservoir

  • checkSalvensee reservoir

  • checkKleine Salve reservoir

  • checkRefreshment stops

  • checkFamily-friendly circular trail

Places to stop off for a snack

Alpengasthof Rigi

Alpengasthof  Rigi
Alpengasthof Rigi
Closed todayHopfgarten im Brixental


Closed todayItter

Tenner Stadl

Tenner Stadl
Tenner Stadl
Closed todayHopfgarten

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