Academia Vocalis: Youth & children's opera workshop

Wörgl, M. Pacherstraße 16

Opernworkshop @Academia / Dabernig



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Academia Vocalis as an educational institute is fully committed to its tradition. For over 20 years, the Academia has been focussing on promoting young people in this workshop by using music as a language that connects and that everyone understands.

Young performers from all over Tyrol demonstrated in an extremely skilful and professional manner that classical music does not have to be elitist. On the contrary: the organisers are not only interested in introducing future music lovers to classical music, but also in proving that music creates freedom for creative expression and, above all, enhances and promotes the creativity and performance skills of children and young people. Because the power of music opens doors and is able to reduce blockages and tensions.

Overall management: Norbert Mladek
Course fee: € 75,-

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