Rettenstein-Thater 'Charleys Tante reloaded'

Kirchberg in Tirol, Sportplatzweg 39




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Charley's aunt reloaded’


Charley and Jack are two quirky guys who live their single lives together in a shared flat. But then Charley's celebrity aunt from New York suddenly announces her visit. The new neighbour and her sister also drop by and so this evening becomes THE chance for new love happiness! But the date gets completely out of hand: first the aunt cancels at short notice, then Jack gets the police chased down his throat by the querulous caretaker and takes refuge in women's clothes and then the two ladies of the heart mistake the man in the dress for Charley's aunt! Jack doesn't clear up this misunderstanding, however, and stumbles unsteadily and hilariously from one faux pas to the next. And when the querulous caretaker falls in love with the wrong aunt and starts making advances and suddenly the real aunt from New York turns up at the door, the chaos is perfect. ‘Charley's Aunt reloaded’ brings the comedy classic into the present day and satirises the current gender debates and the woes of modern men in an incredibly funny way.

Tickets available from:

- Kirchberg travel agency

- TVB Kirchberg

Balcony: € 13,--

Cat. A    € 11,--

Cat. B: € 10,--

Children up to 14 years € 6,-- (not balcony)

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