Guided tour of the stars in the Windau Valley

Westendorf, Holzham 120

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Come with us on a spectacular stargazing tour in the Kitzbühel Alps! Far from the light of large settlements, up to 3,000 stars can be seen with the naked eye. In big cities there are often less than 100 due to light pollution. See the majestic band of our Milky Way in clear clarity. Learn about the most important constellations and their most beautiful stories with the help of a laser pointer to orientate yourself in the night sky. Dive deeper into the universe with the help of a mobile professional large telescope and binoculars and observe planets, galaxies and star clusters up close. An overwhelming and atmospheric evening is guaranteed!


18.05.2023, 20:30
22.06.2023, 20:45
13.07.2023, 20:30
20.07.2023, 20:30
10.08.2023, 20:15
24.08.2023, 20:15
20.09.2023, 19:30
19.10.2023, 19:00

Meeting point: Gamskogelhütte in Windautal / Westendorf

Registration: at

Duration: until about midnight

Costs: on

Note: hiking boots and warm clothing required // Please come to the meeting point with private car! Flashlights, binoculars and large telescope will be provided / Minimum participants: 4 people, max. 12 people suitable for ages 10 and up.

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