35th Int. Libro Balloon Cup

Kirchberg in Tirol, Stöcklfeld 33

Bild Ballon Cup




Event information

Program 2024:

Saturday, 14th of September 2024  (alternative date in case of bad weather is Sunday, 15th of September 2024)
07:30 pm: Night glowing of the ballons on the starting field in Kirchberg

Sunday, 15th of September 2024
01:30 pm: Children's party on the starting field at the Seefeldstube in Kirchberg (alternative date in case of bad weather is Wednesday, 18th of Sep.24)

Tuesday,17th of September 2024
05:00 am:  Sunrise ride

Wednesday, 18th of September 2024
05:00 pm: Start of the ballons at the Brixnerwirtsfeld in Brixen im Thale

Thursday, 19th of September 2024
05:00 pm:  Start of the ballons in Westendorf

Daily at 08:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. there are passenger trips at a price of € 280 (for morning trips) and € 240 (for evening trips). Reservations on Tel. +43 57507 2000

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