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Wave - the Wörgl Water Worlds

Whether it's in the Adventure Pool, the Sauna Residence of the Romans or the concentrated Salt Bath - Tyrol's largest and finest leisure resort offers holidaymakers a recreational experience that's out of this world. With three independent worlds of experience and the world's only double loop-the-loop flume L2, Wave will wow the whole family.

Dive into the wonderful world of the Adventure Pool:

Wave - Die Wörgler Wasserwelt

Waves and breakers, the Formula 1 flume, tyre and tunnel slides, indoor and outdoor lagoons, champagne bubble loungers, the 25m sports pool, the water lounge, the pirate ship, the Mini-Club, and the Animation aqua-fitness programme will have the young and old equally enthralled. The team working throughout the Animation, Mini-Club and fitness programmes will take it upon themselves to make your visit to Wave an unforgettable experience.

Sauna Residence - where the gods reside:

Wave - Die Wörgler Wasserwelt

Glorious themed saunas here, like the Venus honey sauna, the 'Romulus' and 'Remus' infrared temples, the Elysium relaxation room or the Grotto of Pompeii, to name a few, bestow upon the body an all-round feeling of relief. In the Circus Maximus – probably the largest sauna in the world – a hundred people can take their sauna at the same time and let the heat of the Circus Maximus stove melt their cares away. With legions of luscious infusions, you can be assured of a refreshing variety.

L2 - the world's first double loop-the-loop water flume:

Wave - Die Wörgler Wasserwelt-L2

You're enclosed in a dark chamber 25m up in the air. Your heart is beating like mad. A trapdoor opens and you drop down 14m. You plummet into a dark pipe in which you can hit speeds of up to 65km/h. The two loop-the-loops ensure thrills galore: you'll be wheeled up in the air and then again! Then after going round a sensational 180° bend, you'll come to a halt, your heart pounding, in the shallow water outlet.

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