Laufstrecken in Hopfgarten

Running, walking and trail running

Sport in the fresh mountain air in Holiday Region Hohe Salve

Holiday Region Hohe Salve is a real paradise in summer and winter alike for outdoor sports fans. Whether it is running, jogging, walking or trail running: the numerous routes in the impressive mountain backdrop inspire leisure-oriented athletes and professionals alike. Transform the natural surroundings in Holiday Region Hohe Salve into your very own training centre. Lace up your running shoes and get going! The speed is up to you. Routes are suitable for leisurely walks, fast walking, jogging, endurance running and even for trail running.

  • Walking in Wörgl
    There are superb routes at the edge of the woodlands, not far from the centre of Wörgl. The superb routes that proceed there are perfect for walkers and runners.
  • Rosenweg Itter Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    Hikers enjoy a walk on the Rosenweg in Itter.
  • Jogging on G'sundheitsbründlweg
    The G'sundheitsbründlweg in Hopfgarten is perfect for all outdoor sports fans.

Running, walking and trail running routes

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Trail running in Holiday Region Hohe Salve has already found many enthusiastic devotees. This outdoor sport is often described as being a new trendy sport, yet trail running has already been around as long as human kind. The correct definition of trail running is quite simple running out in open natural surroundings, on a trail, or a small path. The question is often asked as to whether trail running can only be done in the mountains. The answer: Of course not! However, those of you who do not want to miss out on the dreamy panorama, fresh mountain air and super trails, ought to go running in the mountains for once.

Holiday Region Hohe Salve is perfect for this. The variety-packed running and walking routes out in nature and the well-developed hiking routes delight every mountain runner and trail runner. Beginners and leisure-oriented athletes are very well catered-for. Kilometres, metres altitude and routes can of course be adapted to suit your own fitness level. Trail running is for most sports lovers about much more than exercising in the fresh air. Running in harmony with nature, whatever the weather, on any surface not only gets you physically fit it also provides mental balance. Experience nature in all its facets and the positive effects of trail running, running and walking in Holiday Region Hohe Salve.


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