Rundwanderweg Westendorf

Wellbeing Trail

Experience the hiking trail near the village with all your senses

On the Wellbeing Trail, you'll experience your holiday resort from different perspectives. The easy trail takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and rises only about 160 vertical metres above the Westendorf village centre, taking you through forest and across alpine meadows and pastures. Along the way, you can unwind at various nature stations along the route. Water, wood and stone form the basis of the wellbeing experience. Your senses will explore the rest: listen to the twittering of birds and the rippling of alpine streams, smell the lush forest floor, enjoy great views of Westendorf, and taste a few berries along the way.


The Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf

This certified hiking trail is located in Westendorf in Tirol and starts from the village centre.


  • checkType: Short tour

  • checkDuration: ca. 1.5 hours

  • checkDistance: ca. 3,6 km

  • checkHighest point: 850 m

  • checkElevation gain: ca. 160 m

  • checkElevation loss: ca. 160 m

  • checkLevel: Easy/Blue

  • checkEquipment: Sturdy hiking boots

  • checkStarting point: In front of Tourist Information Office

Special waypoints: The nature stations Wasserschlössl (Water Palace), the self-supporting wooden bridge, the stacked firewood display in the Sand Trap, the Water Labyrinth and the nature playground, as well as many other surprises

Refreshment stops: There are no refreshment stops on the Wellbeing Trail. The relatively short duration of the tour and the proximity to the village mean it is not necessary to take large quantities of drinks or food with you.

Special feature: Suitable for pushchairs (even though the trail goes up and down a little now and then).

Wohlfühlweg (The Well-Being Trail)

  • directions_walkEasyLevel
  • access_time1:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt3,6 kmDistance
  • terrain878 mHighest point
  • trending_up130 mUphill
  • trending_down130 mDownhill
  • Details
  • Great views
    The trail offers great views of the village at different section of the trail.
  • Through the forest
    The Wellness Trail takes you on a relaxing walk through forest and meadows.
  • Westendorf village centre
    The Wellness Trail takes you from the village centre a little uphill and ends back in the village.
  • Rippling stream
    The trail takes you to relaxation stations, a rippling stream and a pond.
  • Let your mind wander
    Here you can let your mind wander and leave the daily grind behind.
  • Stations
    There are several stations along the way that beckon you to stop and relax.
  • Different perspectives
    On the Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf, you'll experience your holiday resort from different perspectives.

A place to relax and feel good

The Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf is an experience for everyone who wants to (re)discover the mountains, forest and nature. Each station offers a diferent fascinating view of the beautiful village of Westendorf and its hamlets. Instead of signposts, boulders with an archaic sun spiral show the way. The Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf is suitable for everyone, from children to senior citizens, from beginners to seasoned hikers. Here you are guaranteed a cosy, wellbeing experience to relax and feel good.

Certified quality for the entire hiking trail guarantees a fascinating experience

The Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf was awarded the Seal of Quality by the Austrian Hiking Villages Association. Periodic inspections are conducted to ensure the excellent standard of hiking quality on the trail. The wellbeing experience begins at the starting point in front of the Tourist Information Office in Westendorf.

Here you'll find all information about the wonderful hiking tours in the region, as well as insider tips about activities on offer during your stay and where you can find the best beauty spots in the mountains. The Wellbeing Trail also starts from here.

For the first few metres, you'll experience a part of Westendorf that is rarely seen: in the Bichling district, you can admire the beautiful, old farmhouses. A communal bread oven testifies to the history of the village. The short, but not steep climb starts from here. The entire route is suitable for pushchairs and is accordingly wide. There are only a few places that require a little effort to push the pushchair upwards. Once you have made the initial climb, then the rest of the stage is relatively flat and easy.

A large wooden gate marks the entrance to the official Wellbeing Trail. From here on, large boulders with archaic sun symbols show the way. The first few metres take you through a dense, beautiful forest. Here you can experience the rays of the sun shining almost mystically through the trees, especially in spring and summer.

Enjoy with all your senses

Let your mind wander
The Wellbeing Trail is an experience that you can enjoy with all your senses. So why not take the opportunity to relax and unwind? In the first section of the forest, you'll smell the moist forest air filled with the fragrance of conifers. Take a seat on one of the park benches and close your eyes. Savour the silence, punctuated only by the gentle rustling of leaves and needles and the cheerful twittering of the birds.

The concept of the Wellbeing Trail is to bring humans and nature in harmony. Natural materials such as wood, stone and water, combined with the region's unique flora, are the atmospheric elements that set the tone along the entire hiking trail. These elements have long been known for their calming and relaxing effect. And in the right composition, they allow you to discover all sorts of exciting things on the Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf.

Immediately after the initial climb, a path leads to the first nature station, the Bichlinger Wasserschlössl. An arrangement of stones, woods and a rippling water sculpture offers the ideal place to stop for a rest. In summer, you can sunbathe here, especially in the afternoon. The sound of the water calms the soul. The Wasserschlössl also offers a wonderful view of your holiday resort.

Stone wall, wooden bridge and Sand Trap

The path to the next nature station takes you once more through dense, well-tended forest. A variety of wooden fences line the path and display the great art of Tirolean fence construction.

The next natural station along the trail actually consists of several sections. The colourful stone wall is regularly redesigned by Westendorf school classes. Charming quotes and creative pictures beckon you to linger a while there.

The path then leads over the self-supporting wooden bridge to the Sand Trap. The Sand Trap was originally installed to protect the village from flooding and debris flow, while the bridge offers great views of Westendorf from one side and a pond on the other. The pond's water level varies with the weather.

Immediately after the wooden bridge, you'll come across the feel-good wood piles. The stacked firewood display with integrated wooden loungers invites you to relax. The display area also features additional seating, some of which is rather creative. Here you can see Westendorf from yet another perspective.

Wellbeing tip: Experience the peace and quiet on the wooden loungers at this station. The ground of the display is covered with fresh, fragrant larch mulch. The natural smell of wood soothes body and soul.

Kneipp therapy at the Water Labyrinth

The next ten minutes takes you on a leisurely stroll along the tree line - every now and then you'll have a clear view of Westendorf. You can hear the rippling from afar. The so-called Water Labyrinth awaits you on a slight incline. The water feature cascades from a height of three metres with a soothing patter. It flows into a labyrinth of water, which is varied refreshment, especially in summer.

Embedded round gravel provides a soothing massage on the soles of your feet. The ice-cold water from the small mountain spring pampers you with the perfect Kneipp experience on the Wellbeing Trail. If you just want to relax with a cold foot bath, the middle of the labyrinth you'll find a suitable place to sit with a view of Westendorf.

Water has other beneficial effects on body and mind: Relax in one of the wicker chairs next to the wooden retaining wall and listen to the sound of the little waterfall. Savour its calming effect. The splashing water also increases the humidity in the Water Labyrinth. This is healthy for the respiratory tract and the organism. So make time for a few minutes of conscious relaxation at this station on the Wellbeing Trail in Westendorf.

Wellbeing for children and families

Suitable for families
Water, sand, wood and stones - you'll also find this at the next station on the Wellbeing Trail. On the short walk to this station, it is worth paying attention to the details on the side of the path. Shortly after the Water Labyrinth, you'll see a natural wooden chair on the right, carved from the tree that formerly stood at this spot. It was created by an artist using only a chainsaw and has become a popular spot for family selfies.

The path now narrows and winds downhill. After a brief stroll across a cattle pasture you'll arrive at the next station, which is situated directly above the Westendorf Cable Car valley station. Children and families love this place.

A small sandpit, a large mud play area directly in the stream bed, an exciting climbing wall made of huge rocks and a small playground with a swing, seesaw and climbing net invite children to play to their heart's content. Of course, Westendorf has also thought of the parents. Natural wooden and stone seating make it easy for the adults to relax while keeping an eye on the little ones. And, of course, you can also enjoy another great view of the village at the same time.

2. Tip: Plan a little extra time if you're doing the tour with the family, because you won't get away so quickly! And make sure to walk the Wellbeing Trail in the direction described, because the best should always come at the end!

Interactive map

Plan your tour with our interactive map. In addition to the specific data and facts about the tour, you will find further, specific route information, an altitude profile of the tour and GPS data to download. Directions as a PDF are also waiting for you.


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