The Auner Trail


  • EasyLevel
  • access_time2:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt8,0 kmDistance
  • terrain800 mHighest point
  • trending_up50 mUphill
  • trending_down50 mDownhill
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Koglerhof mit Windau

Tour information

We begin this walk in the centre of Westendorf. After passing the church, we take a left into Bergliftstraße in the direction of the Alpenrosenbahn (gondola station). Shortly after passing the Hotel Schermer, you will see the entrance point to the hiking trail on the right-hand side. Taking this trail, we cross a road just below the Alpenrosenbahn, as far as the fork in the trail at the “Dreiländerhaus”. On our right-hand side we see Westendorf’s driving range.  Following the path we cross the driving range and arrive at the Windau Straße. At the golf clubhouse we cross the road and continue along this path as far as the Jagdhütte (lodge). Once therewe  turn left into the woods on the hiking trail. Continuing on this trail, we arrive at the Windauer Straße. Crossing this road, we follow the signs for the “Jagdhütte”.  On arrival here, we take a left from the car park into the woods. We cut across this woodland area and after approximately 10 minutes we reach the road to the “Lendwirt”. Here we take a right, once again into the woods, and follow the signs for the “Aunerhof”.  Once there, we turn to the left and walk a beautiful circuit on the “Auner Plateau”, arriving back at the “Aunerhof”. After a well-earned rest and refreshments, we take the road back to Westendorf, passing the “Old Lake”, and then onwards to the public swimming pools. Crossing the road and going straight ahead, we turn left at “Neuhaushof” along another Winter hiking trail. Following this trail, we arrive back in Westendorf’s village centre. 

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The Auner Trail


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  • Wanderloipe, Winterwanderweg, Straße
  • Wanderschuhe
  • Parkmöglichkeit im Zentrum von Westendorf, Bergbahn Alpenrosenbahn

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Lindernrunde 5

Lindernrunde 5Easy
Lindernrunde 5access_time2:30 harrow_right_alt7,7 kmfavorite_borderfavorite