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The best singletrails for mountain bikers in Brixental Valley

Which trails are there in Brixen, Kirchberg, Westendorf and surroundings?

Hundreds of kilometres of signposted mountain bike routes lead through the gentle grassy hills of the Kitzbühel Alps. Becoming ever more popular are the so-called singletrails - flowy, narrow paths, which wind their way down the mountain in countless curves, banked turns and drops. And a few thrills are certainly part of throwing yourself down the singletrails. That’s why trail riding is all about action, adrenaline, fun and "flow".

The singletrails in the Kitzbühel Alps can also be ideally combined: Either you pedal up the mountains by yourself and combine the trails with extensive mountain bike tours, or you use the cable cars of the region as a climbing aid (with bike transport) and ride the singletrails as often as you like. Over and over again. As long as it’s fun!


Singletrails im Brixental

  • Fleckalmtrail Kirchberg in Tirolplay_arrow

    Fleckalmtrail Kirchberg in Tirol

  • SunTrail Brixen im Thaleplay_arrow

    SunTrail Brixen im Thale

  • Biketrail Hahnenkamm Kitzbühelplay_arrow

    Biketrail Hahnenkamm Kitzbühel

  • Der Lisi Osl Trail in Kirchberg in Tirolplay_arrow

    Der Lisi Osl Trail in Kirchberg in Tirol

An unbeatable trail-offer

The longest singletrail in Tirol, easy beginners’ trails and snappy trails for ambitious mountain bikers and trail riders - all this can be found in the Kitzbühel Alps. And Brixental Valley is right in the heart of it. The ideal starting point, if you like. Corner down the Fleckalmtrail, one of the five "Greatest Trails of Tirol", get a whiff of World Cup-feeling on the "Lisi-Osl-Trail" or enjoy the sun on the Suntrail in Brixen im Thale. We’ll show you the best singletrails in the region.

Fleckalm Trail - The "Great Trail of Tirol"

Fleckalmtrail is one of the five "Great Trails of Tirol". With a length of 7.1 km, the Fleckalm Trail is one of the longest singletrails in the country. Amidst the impressive alpine world of the Kitzbühel Alps, the varied route winds its way down into the valley with some 1,100 m difference in altitude. On the sheer endless descent, root sections, big and small jumps, banked curves, the occasional short opposing climb and fast speed sections make for ultimate trail bike feeling.

The challenging route requires a certain amount of concentration, fitness and riding technique.

Can be ideally combined with the bike transport service of the local cable cars!

Length: 7.1 km
Difference in altitude: 1,100 mda
Difficulty level: S2 - 3 (medium)


Lisi Osl Trail

On the trail of cross-country World Cup legend Lisi Osl, you ride down the single trail with the same name on Gaisberg in Kirchberg. Named after the region’s great daughter, the around three km long route promises pure downhill enjoyment. The start is right at the mountain station of Gaisbergbahn at 1,270 m above sea level. The route largely left in its natural state offers flowy passages and a multitude of the finest switchbacks on around 450 m difference in altitude. While beginners can get some initial experience with banked curves, easy steps or roots here, experienced mountain bikers can use the steps as jumps. The medium-difficult trail, consistently rated S2 on the single trail scale, conjures up a grin on the faces of mountain bike pros as well as trail-rookies with its varied character.

Can be ideally combined with the bike transport service of the local cable cars!

Length: 2.3 km
Difference in altitude: 450 mda
Difficulty level: S2 (medium)


Gaisberg Trail

The Gaisberg Trail on the mountain of the same name is an option for all those who like to dash down into the valley with plenty of spring stroke. As a former venue for the Austrian National Downhill Championships, the two kilometre long descent offers everything that makes up a true downhill route. Partly soft forest floor, many roots, speed sections, rapid jumps across terrain edges or timber structures. Chickenways are available for evasive manoeuvres.

For the challenging descent over 450 m difference in altitude, a certain amount of riding technique is required. On the singletrail scale, the trail is consistently rated S3.

Can be ideally combined with the bike transport service of the local cable cars!

Length: 2.3 km
Difference in altitude: 450 mda
Difficulty level: S3 (difficult)


Wiegalm Trail

The trail is a wonderful natural trail, starting below Wiegalm Lodge and flowingly and moderately leading down into the valley over a narrow hiking trail (partly as Shared Trail) with rock and root passages. But really it’s much more, because it’s the icing on the cake of two fantastic tours, which offer everything both in terms of scenery and gastronomy that makes for a perfect biking day.

The Wiegalmtrail is also part of the first section of the legendary KitzAlpBike Marathon, which captures the imagination of more than a thousand pros and amateurs every year.

The trail is accessible from Brixen im Thale along Route 210 Wiegalm or from Kirchberg along Route 257.

Length: 1.6 km
Difference in altitude: 400 mda
Difficulty level: S1 (easy-medium)


Sun Trail

The entry point to the Suntrail lies at around 1,340 m above sea level at Gsengweg in Brixen im Thale. In the upper part, the trail swings through a forest, which thins out towards the centre and then transitions into a pasture area. On the flowy, springy trail you’ll quickly find a comfortable rhythm between waves, tables and banked curves downhill along the stream. The trail ends near the power plant east of Brixen.

The trail can be reached via Brixen on Bikeroute 265 as far as Nieding Mountain Inn and then along Route 299. Or along Route 288. More comfortably, the 500 m difference in altitude can be negotiated with the cable car from Hochbrixen. From here down to Nieding Mountain Inn and then an easy 200 m difference in altitude uphill (Route 299) to the entry point of the Sun Trail.

Length: 2.5 km
Difference in altitude: 400 mda
Difficulty level: S0 - S1 (easy)


Harschbichl Trail

The flowy trail begins below the mid-station of Harschbichlbahn at the reservoir. At first, the easy trail winds its way in gentle curves and banked turns through the forest. In between, some Northshore-bridges entice to gather some decent speed. And there are even some waves for even more fun and action.

On around 3.8 km, the singletrail winds its way down into the valley from the mid-station (Harschbichl 1); at first continuing through the forest and then across open meadows. Altogether, almost 500 m difference in altitude must be negotiated. As a small encore, a Skill Area is waiting at the end of the route for all bikers.

Length: 3.8 km
Difference in altitude: 500 Hm
Difficulty level: S1 (easy)


Hahnenkamm Trail

The easy trail leads from the mountain station on Hahnenkamm, over the Asten run all the way to the Hahnenkamm Valley station right into Kitzbühel.

At first the trail proceeds across an open, almost picturesque pasture area. Later, one banked turn after another runs through the forest area - frequently interrupted by beautiful clearings.

The beginners’ trail can be reached via the Hahnenkammbahn in Kitzbühel. Those seeking even more trail enjoyment can also reach it via the Fleckalmbahn lift with the new connection trail from Kirchberg.

Length: 6.2 km
Difference in altitude: 865 mda
Difficulty level: S1 (easy)


Opening status of the trails

Which single trails are open in the Kitzbühel Alps?


Singletrail Status
Fleckalm Trail (Kirchberg) open
Lisi Osl Trail (Kirchberg) open
Gaisberg Trail (Kirchberg) open
Wiegalm Trail (Kirchberg) open
Suntrail (Brixen im Thale) open
Harschbichl Trail (St. Johann i.T.) open
Hahnenkamm Trail (Kitzbühel) open
OD Trails (Oberndorf i. T.) closed

With bike and cable car to the start

Perfect service for avid frequent singletrail riders

Are you one of those mountain bikers for whom a perfect tour consists not only of "pedalling uphill", but also of snappy and varied descents? Or are you a passionate singletrail fan, for whom the uphill climb always takes too long before you can finally enjoy hitting the trail? Especially for this type of mountain biker, the cable cars of the Kitzbühel Alps have come up with a very special service. Not only that the mountain bikes and bicycles are carried uphill with the chairlifts or gondolas all the way to the entry points of most singletrails - there are even special cable car tickets for trail riders offered in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Background Background

The Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

1-day ticket(with guest card)
2-day ticket(with guest card)
3-day ticket(with guest card)

6 Lifts - 12 Trails = 1 Ticket

  • checkFleckalmbahn - Gondola (Kirchberg)

  • checkGaisberglift - 4-seat chair (Kirchberg)

  • checkHahnenkammbahn - Gondola (Kitzbühel)

  • checkCable car Hochbrixen - Gondola (Brixen im Thale)

  • checkHarschbichlbahn - Gondola (St. Johann in Tirol)

  • checkTauwiesenlift - (Oberndorf in Tirol)

*Important note: Not all Single Trails can be reached with the cable cars. The only way to get to many trails is under your own steam.



With the bicycle up to the mountains - that’s now twice as easy thanks to the cable cars and lifts. Find out everything here about the possible lifts, prices and conditions of carriage.


Useful additional information

Everything about the relevant service facilities in the Kitzbühel Alps.

What do the difficulty levels mean? Or: Can I rent a mountain bike with which I can ride the singletrails? Questions and more questions, which we’ll be happy to answer for you. And more: We’ll even throw in some additional information. All in keeping with the motto: For singletrail riders, too, it should be as easy as possible to enjoy their adventure holidays with the mountain bike.

Singletrail - rules of conduct & tips

  • checkAll trails are used at your own risk.

  • checkAlways ride at a controlled speed and at a speed that will allow you to stop halfway within the distance you can see to be clear

  • checkHelmets & protectors are mandatory on all trails

  • checkBe considerate of hikers, other bikers, grazing animals and wildlife

  • checkStay on the trails; do not take any shortcuts

  • checkAvoid locking the rear wheel

  • checkNote the difficulty level

  • checkCorrectly assessing your own ability is imperative

  • checkDo not leave any garbage behind

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