Biketransport - With the cable cars uphill and downhill

The very special service for mountain bikers and e-bikers in the Kitzbühel Alps

Seeing the mountains from up above - that’s why guests spend their holidays in the Kitzbühel Alps. Cyclists, of course, should also not be deprived of this experience. Numerous mountain bike tours open up breathtaking panoramas, lead to unique daytrip destinations on the mountain or provide the opportunity to make a culinary snack stop even with the bicycle. To allow guests who are not quite that fit to also get to enjoy these adventures, the local cable cars offer to carry you and your bicycle (mountain bikes or e-bikes) uphill or downhill with the gondolas or chairlifts.

Mountain bikers going by cable car

These summer mountain lifts let your mountain bike join you on board!

  • checkGondola lift Hochbrixen (SkiWelt / Brixen im Thale)

  • checkGondola lift Alpenrosenbahn (SkiWelt / Westendorf)

  • checkFleckalmbahn-gondola (KitzSki / Kirchberg)

  • check4-seat chair lift on Gaisberg (KitzSki / Kirchberg)

  • checkGondola lift on Hahnenkamm (KitzSki / Kitzbühel)

  • checkGondola lift Panoramabahn Kitzbüheler Alpen (KitzSki / Hollersbach)

  • checkGondola lift Hartkaiserbahn (SkiWelt / Ellmau)

  • check4-seat chair lift on Astberg (SkiWelt / Going)

  • checkGondola lift Salvenbahn 1 (SkiWelt / Hopfgarten)

  • checkGondola lift Brandstadlbahn 1 + 2 (SkiWelt / Scheffau)

  • checkGondola lift Hochsöll (SkiWelt / Söll)

Note: No mountain bikes are allowed on the gondola lift Hohe Salve (Söll), on the Salvenbahn 2 (Hopfgarten) as well as on the Hornbahn (Kitzbühel) and the twin-seater chairlift Bichlalm (Kitzbühel).

Prices for bike transport

Which lift pass you buy, depends entirely on its usage. We recommend you seek individual advice locally in one of the tourism offices or directly at the cash desks of the respective cable car. In most cases, however, the following consideration will help you even before: No matter if in the valley or on the mountain - with the bicycle, long distances are mostly covered from one point to the next. Only rarely does it happen that one and the same lift is used for carrying your bike more than once a day.

For panorama- & pleasure cyclists with aspirations to explore as big a part of the region as possible, we definitely recommend the Kitzbüheler Alpen Summer Card.

Our recommendation

(Not suited for Single Trail or downhill riders!)

The Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

Perfect for Single Trail and downhill riders

Numerous Single Trails in the Kitzbühel Alps beckon to experience unclouded downhill-fun and Mountainbike-Flow. Going "uphill" is not really the priority with this type of biking. So then it’s quite handy if you can use the local cable cars and lifts as climbing aids. For (almost) endless and unclouded trail fun, there is the dedicated Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card - usable at selected cable cars in the immediate vicinity of the best trails of the region. Advantage: With this card, the participating cable cars and lifts can be used without restrictions and at will, even with biketransport.

Background Background

The Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

1-day ticket(with guest card)
2-day ticket(with guest card)
3-day ticket(with guest card)

5 Lifts - 6 Trails = 1 Ticket

  • checkFleckalmbahn - Gondola (Kirchberg)

  • checkGaisberglift - 4-seat chair (Kirchberg)

  • checkHahnenkammbahn - Gondola (Kitzbühel)

  • checkCable car Hochbrixen - Gondola (Brixen im Thale)

  • checkHarschbichlbahn - Gondola (St. Johann in Tirol)

*Important note: Not all Single Trails can be reached with the cable cars. The only way to get to many trails is under your own steam.

Carriage regulation for bicycles


Comfortably and easily, mountain bikers and e-bikers can get up to the mountains in Brixental Valley - with the gondolas of the local cable cars.

Generally, the aforementioned gondolas, lifts and cable cars carry all types of bicycles, which are roadworthy (for your own safety).

For reasons of weight, some cable cars may insist on carrying e-bikes with the battery removed. Mountain bikes, e-bikes and other two-wheelers will be carried only in clean condition. The friendly service staff of the cable cars will help you load and unload your bikes (especially at the chairlifts).

Bike transport applies uphill as well as downhill - depending on your preference or need.

Info for your safety

Mountain bike route up to the mountains
With the bicycle on the mountain - that’s many hobby-bikers’ dream. But many underestimate that the riding conditions on the mountains may fundamentally differ from those on flat country. Not only that paths are steeper, making the ascent more difficult, or that riding downhill on gravel paths can be quite dangerous, but weather conditions can also change much faster (and indeed suddenly) than on flat country. Forwardlooking and cautious planning of the tour is absolutely imperative!

Not to be underestimated is also the "air aloft". Especially cyclists who are only occasionally out and about with the bike, should consider that tours at high altitude can get considerably more tiring than at lower altitudes. So plan your ride thoroughly and preferably with not too much elevation gain. Do not overestimate yourself!

Very important: Stay on the signposted and marked paths!
Only these are maintained regularly and officially open to bicycle traffic. But look out: On all paths, obstacles, roots, stones or potholes must be expected at all times. Cautious riding is absolutely required!

Furthermore: Always be considerate of nature, animals and other people. Only with good coexistence can everyone truly enjoy their time on the mountains.