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Snow Guarantee in the Kitzbühel Alps!

Large levels of fresh snow in addition to efficient artificial snowmaking facilities

There are sound studies as well as accurate weather records for years now, regarding the Kitzbühel Alps and their skiing history for over more than 120 years! See for yourself why the ski resorts belong to the most snow reliable ski resorts in the Alps:

a combination of perfect "snow management" with high-tech GPS systems, personnel's extensive experience - they are "true snowmakers", and of course plenty of fresh snow every Winter season. Apart from that, our Alpine meadows provide a soft ski piste foundation for our guests. While high Alpine ski resorts with a stony, rocky surface require multiple layers of snow for the ski resort, 20cm of dense, compact snow is sufficient in the Kitzbühel Alps for perfect pistes. The bordering forests, left and right of the slopes also prevent snow drifts.

Facts and figures about snow guarantee: Don't worry - we're holding on to the snow!

Die Anzahl der S

The Kitzbühel Alps continue to provide an amazing snow guarantee. Günther Aigner, the ski researcher, has compiled scientifically researched facts and figures. Lots of other very interesting studies can be viewed on his Website:

Read more about the snow-guaranteed Kitzbühel Alps:

155 days of guaranteed snow!

113 days of complete snow coverage in the valley!

Progressively colder Winters for the last 21 years!

The facts are there to be seen: the destination belongs to one of the most snow-reliable regions of Austria!

Snow guarantee

155 days snow guarantee

155 days snow guarantee

Winter sports enthusiasts will be delighted: on average you can ski 155 days every Winter...

155 days snow guarantee

10 more days of snow

10 more days of snow

Current meteorological studies support it: there are 105 days in the year whereby the valleys in the Kitzbühel Alps are completely snow covered...

10 more days of snow

Every Winter is becoming colder

Every Winter is becoming colder

There's no doubt about it but the Winters have been getting colder now for more than 20 years! More about the temperatures...

Every Winter is becoming colder
Eight meters of snow every year!
According to the Central Institute for Meteorolgy and Geology in Innsbruck there is 2.5 meters of snowfall in the valley and more than eight meters on the mountain every winter. Plenty of snow in the Kitzbüheler Alpen when the damp Atlantic winds blow across the main Alpine ridge and Austria's highest mountains. The clouds from the prevalent north-westerly direction tend to stick around the main Alpine ridge, allowing for heavy snowfall in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. The average yearly snowfall in Kitzbühel over the last 50 years has remained constant. Every year it snows more than 2.5m in the valley, and 8m on the mountain.

Open cable cars + lifts

Open cable cars + lifts
Open cable cars + lifts

Read here about the lifts and cable cars currently in operation in the Kitzbühel Alps skiing- and hiking areas. More info


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