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Variations of the long-distance hiking trail

Where are the most stunning hikes in the Kitzbüheler Alpen?

Welcome to the KAT Walk - the Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail. The long-distance hiking trail over hill and dale fills up your fresh air tanks and clears your head. In a nutshell: The best of the Tyrol on 3 appealing variants!

The KAT Walk is marked in both variants as a red - and thus moderately difficult - mountain hiking trail with the KAT Walk logo throughout. Every experienced hiker who is used to terrain with many obstacles can conquer it. There are no climbing passages. There is only a short rope-secured passage at the Kitzbüheler Horn on the stage from Kitzbühel to St. Johann. Minimum mountain equipment, appropriate physical condition and surefootedness are necessary.

KAT Walk Alpine

XXL long-distance hiking

Spend six eventful days of hiking through the Kitzbüheler Alpen: on the way from Hopfgarten to St. Ulrich you will experience new highlights every day! Prepare to be enchanted by the nature-filled stages in the side valleys of the Kitzbüheler Alpen, including the incredible Hahnenkamm, unforgettable views of the Kitzbüheler Horn and moments of solitary happiness on the way into PillerseeTal.

KAT Walk Alpine Facts:

  • checkLength: 113 km

  • checkWalking time: 6 days of hiking

  • checkElevation difference: uphill 6,300 m / downhill 6,000 m

  • checkIdeal for nature lovers & ambitious hikers

  • checkCable car options on stages 4 & 5

  • checkMountain huts on stages 4 to 6

KAT Walk Compact

An introduction to long-distance hiking

Those who prefer to walk more leisurely and take a cable car some of the way will find their love of hiking best served by the KAT Walk Compact with five exciting days of hiking. You can use a cable car on four of the five stages and stop off every day on the mountain in the many cosy huts to replenish with regional delights .

KAT Walk Compact Facts:

  • checkLength: 76 km

  • checkWalking time: 5 days of hiking

  • checkElevation difference: uphill 4,950 m / downhill 5,200 m

  • checkIdeal for leisure hikers & those new to long-distance hiking

  • checkCable car options on stages 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • checkMountain huts on all stages

KAT Walk Family

Long-distance hiking with the whole family

The KAT Walk Family offers the perfect introduction to long-distance hiking for young and old adventurers. In 4 stages you hike from Hopfgarten to Fieberbrunn and always have the option of using the gondolas to make the ascents and descents easier. Make this a memorable family holiday with many highlights along the way.

KAT Walk Family Facts:

  • checkLength: 51 km

  • checkWalking time: 4 hiking days

  • checkElevation difference: uphill 3,450 m / downhill 3,770 m

  • checkIdeal for families with children aged 6-12 years

  • checkSummer mountain adventure worlds

  • checkCable car options on all stages

  • checkMountain huts on all stages

We work together with the tour operator Feuer und Eis Touristik GmbH to process KAT Walk bookings. All correspondence is handled by our official partner Feuer und Eis.

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