KAT WalkKitzbüheler Alpen
KAT Walk-Kitzbuehler-Alpen-Weitwanderweg-Weitblick-Kaisergebirge-Etappe-4-c-Erwin-Haiden

KAT Walk Compact stage 2: Primeval drama - From gentle grass mountains to special geological features

  • directions_walkMediumLevel
  • access_time7:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt13,5 kmDistance
  • terrain1770 mHighest point
  • trending_up1000 mUphill
  • trending_down950 mDownhill
  • Details

The ascent to the Brixenbachalm Alpine inn along an artistically designed Way of the Cross is the first highlight of the day. Through open forest and Alpine pasturelandyou reach the picturesque Wiegalm Alpine pasture embedded in an anticline. From here it is just a short ascent to the elongated crest of Gaisberg. Due to the geological structure of the highest part of Gaisberg, the landscape and vegetation is different here. Chalk dominates with karst formations and mountain pine growth. The summit also offers a wonderful 360° round view. The descent through a stunning mixed forest can be shortened at the end with a chairlift ride.

  • KAT Walk Compact stage 2 - View of Brixenbach and Gaisberg
    On stage 2 of the KAT Walk Compact you hike over the Brixenbach up to the summit of Gaisberg.
  • KAT Walk Compact stage 2 - Gaisberg
    The highest point of stage 2 of the KAT Walk Compact is on Gaisberg - the elongated crest of the mountain is located at 1,770 m altitude.
  • KATwalk_2016_on_Gaisberg_view_of_Rettenstein@PeterVonier-8104154
  • KATwalk_2016_@PeterVonier-8104094
  • KATwalk_2016_summmit_crosss_Gaisberg@PeterVonier-8104156
  • KATwalk_2016_Gaisberg_Harlassanger@PeterVonier-8104095
  • KATwalk_2016_on_Gaisberg_looking_towards_Gampenkogel@PeterVonier-8104159

The hospitality of a mountain pasture farmer in the torrential rain in his very modest but spotless hut. He put some logs down, answered our questions and was so pleased to meet us. We felt the same!


Anett S

from Germany

A week full of highlights. Hiking in clouds, rain and sunshine!


Julie J.

From Austria