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KAT Walk - long-distance hiking in Tirol

Get out of everyday life and into some walking boots!

It is just a wonderfully happy place, the KAT Walk through the Kitzbühel Alps. On the long-distance hiking trail every day is exciting yet at the same time you feel the relaxing calm. Fed up with the hustle and bustle? Every one of the stages allows hikers to be totally by themselves as they listen to the nature and recharge. The Alpine walkway doesn't just take you through the Tyrolean mountain landscape, but also right up to its people.

There, where one mountain peak after another rises and every valley has its own dialect, the feeling of happiness has numerous faces. It shows itself in the infectious Tyrolean easygoingness, in the pristine nature with all its contrasts – with jagged rocks and lush Alpine meadows. And in the pleasure that touches and captivates all of your senses.

NEW: KAT Walk Winter

NEW: KAT Walk Winter
NEW: KAT Walk Winter

Winter hiking over four stages through the Kitzbüheler Alpen! Stop for a moment, close your eyes and enjoy the fresh winter breeze as you soak the sun or the snowflakes on your face. It's wonderful. You just have to come and enjoy it for yourself.


Follow the call of the mountains and get to know Tirol from its sunny side!

KAT Walk: the walkway of the Alps

The Kitzbühel Alps Trail - KAT Walk in short - offers its visitors the best of both worlds. It leads to the most incredible spots in the region and also really enchants you with Tyrolean lifestyle. With its two variations – of five or six stages – it gives visitors more than enough room in which to breathe and switch off. Every one of the six themed tours also has a very special Tirol experience in store for you. Discover it for yourself!


ALPINE for nature lovers and sporty hikers

COMPACT for beginners and leisurely hikers with cable car use possible

WINTER for an enjoyable hiking experience in the snow

  • Alpine
  • Compact
  • Winter

See, feel and taste Tirol

You can feel it from the first steps and at the latest when you meet Alpine writer Sepp Kahn on the second stage. There is nothing showy about the KAT Walk, just Tirol in its most genuine form! Every feeling, every emotion – from a hard ascent to the successful feeling of reaching the end of the stage. Plus every impressive conversation with locals and like-minded people you will meet on your multi-day hike. Authentic and just the way Tirol is.

What is as much a part of taking it easy and finding yourself as exploring new routes? Enjoying the cuisine! There isn't only a lot to see on the Alpine pastures, there is even more to taste. Milk fresh from the farm, home-made pastries made from secret recipes of Alpine herdsmen or perfectly matured Alpine cheese. Hike from hut to hut as you taste Tirol!

The best thing about it is: on some days you also have the opportunity to watch the food being made, such as on Alpine stage 1 at Milchbuben, stage 2 at Sepp Kahn or stage 3 at the Kasplatzl dairy.

All the stages of the KAT Walk offer particularly fascinating distant views

One of the highlights along the KAT Walk is undoubtedly the Kitzbüheler Horn on the stage from Kitzbühel to St. Johann in Tirol. When you reach the top of Kitzbühel's local mountain, an incredible view awaits you along with the amazing feeling of being at the highest point in the area. Up there at close to 2,000 metres altitude, there is nothing you need to do other than look into the distance, take in the delightful landscape and enjoy the sheer happiness.

You'll see that hiking in Austria on the Kitzbühel Alps Trail gives great satisfaction to the soul

The KAT Walk is a multi-day tour with lots of charming huts offering chances to stop for a bite or a drink and on every one of the five or six days of hiking a KAT Walk accommodation option awaits with a shower and comfy bed. It's the ideal place to reflect back on the day's experiences and get the body ready for the next day of hiking.

Are five or six stages too much for you? Check out the three-day packages for the walkway of the Alps:

  • KAT Walk Alpine Beginner's Tour (Stages 1 to 3)
  • KAT Walk Alpine Connoisseurs Tour (Stages 4 to 6)

Hiking without the bags: Our practical luggage transfer service will take your suitcase or backpack every day to your next accommodation. Find out everything Worth knowing about the KAT Walk in the Kitzbühel Alps and book your hiking holiday in Tirol in Austria!

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