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Arrival and departure

How do I reach the starting point of the KAT Walk? How do I return to the starting point from the end of the KAT Walk?

The Kitzbüheler Alpen are located in Tirol and are easy and uncomplicated to reach both by car and by public transport. The nearest airport is in Innsbruck, but Munich Airport, an international hub, is also less than 2 hours away by car. We recommend travelling by train, there are very good connections and most of the starting accommodation is just a few metres from the destination station.

Your journey to the Kitzbühel Alps

Your journey to the Kitzbühel Alps
Your journey to the Kitzbühel Alps

No matter if with your own car, by plane or train - your options for getting to the Kitzbühel Alps are easy. We’ll help you plan your journey here. From the nearby cities of Innsbruck, Salzburg or Munich, you’ll be at your holiday resort in no time.


Travelling by public transport

How do I get to the starting point of the KAT Walk by public transport?

The KAT Walk hosts in Hopfgarten can be reached easily and sustainably by public transport! Simply get off at the "Hopfgarten im Brixental - Berglift" train station, cross the road and you're there! The Sportresort Hohe Salve is located directly at the valley station of the gondola lift and the Familotel is up the road behind the tourist office on the left-hand side.

Travelling by car & parking

Where can I park my car during the KAT Walk?

We recommend that you have a car-free holiday, as the start and end point can be very easily reached with public transport and you will not need a car during your tour. All the information on having a relaxed and sustainable journey can be found above. Should you not have another option, we do of course cater for your car.

KAT Walk Alpine/Compact/Family:
You can park your car in the underground car park in Hopfgarten at the SkiWelt or alternatively at a free public car park. You can find detailed information in your KAT Walk info brochure, which is included in all Complete hassle-free packages. Please note that you will have to pick up your car at the end of the tour, especially on Sundays when public transport runs less frequently than during the week. You can also park your car at the end point of your hike and travel to the starting point by public transport, please let the last accommodation know in advance.

Return journey to the starting point

KAT Walk Alpine/Compact:
For your return journey from St. Ulrich am Pillersee to Hopfgarten, get on the bus from the hotel "Das Pillersee" at the bus stop "St. Ulrich am Pillersee Gemeindeamt" (diagonally opposite the hotel) to the railway station in St. Johann in Tirol or Fieberbrunn. At the Strasserwirt, the bus stop in front of the house is called "St. Ulrich am Pillersee Strasserwirt". From St. Johann or Fieberbrunn you can easily travel back to the starting point by train to "Hopfgarten in Tirol Berglift".

KAT Walk Family:
You can get from "Fieberbrunn" to "Hopfgarten im Brixental Berglift" directly by train. As the railway station in Fieberbrunn is a little away from our partner accommodation, please ask at the hotel what options there are for getting to the station.

Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card

How can I use public transport for free? How do I receive discounts for the cable car?

All KAT Walk hosts will issue you with a Kitzbüheler Alpen guest card on arrival. With this you can use, among other offers, local public transport for free (except in Kitzbühel). All the information - including on cable car discounts - can be found here:

The Kitzbüheler Alpen Card

The Kitzbüheler Alpen Card
The Kitzbüheler Alpen Card

Find out about your personal advantage card for the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Your guest card = travel ticket for local public transport. Use the included transport offering and the many other additional offers and discounts.


If you already need the guest card for your journey, for example if you park your car at the end point, please let your hosts know at your first accommodation so that they can send you the guest card to your mobile phone in advance.

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