Trails, markings & signposts

So you can always hike safely on the trails in the Kitzbühel Alps.

All hiking, long-distance and alpine mountain trails in Tirol feature a standard signage and marking system. This enables you to find you way throughout the region and always keep your bearings. Below we explain what to look out for, how to correctly interpret the signs and what the markings mean. So you can always hike safely through the mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Trail signpost

Yellow arrows point the way

  • checkThe yellow signs show hikers the right way.

  • checkThe black font indicates the destination or an intermediate waypoint.

  • checkThe coloured dot (red, black) indicates the level of difficulty of the route.

  • checkThe number or numeral shown represents the same unique route number as shown on the map

  • checkOptional: In addition to the destination, there may also be self-explanatory icons shown, e.g. restaurant or accommodation icons.

  • checkOptional: At important crossroads or waypoints, the walking time to the marked destination is indicated in hours or minutes.

In addition to the yellow arrows, you'll see other markings on the trail that are clearly laid out according to the Tirolean Mountain Trail Concept. Trees, stones, rocks and wooden posts marked in red, white and red also show the way. This type of marking is mainly used in higher regions, or when the terrain situation makes it difficult to clearly identfy the correct route.

  • Trail markings
    The hiking trails in Tirol are uniformly marked with red-white-red ground markings.
  • Red mountain trail
    A red mountain trail is usually narrow and is safe for experienced mountain hikers only.
  • Signposts
    Hiking trails in Tirol feature yellow signposts along the route to ensure you can easily find your bearings.

Hiking trails, mountain trails and alpine routes

In order to allow hikers to plan for the type of trail they want to explore and the essential items they should bring, all Tirolean hiking trails are classified according to a specific level of difficulty rating.

The alpine trail system in Tirol

Trails Characteristics Target group Requirements
Hiking trails Easy, wide trail with gentle incline, in the valley area and in the adjacent forest, danger sections are usually secured or marked and signposted. Walkers with no Alpine knowledge Sports shoes and weather-appropriate clothing/shoes
Red mountain trails Moderately difficult, often narrow and steep, exposed in places (risk of falling), short secured passages or short sections where hands are required to support balance. Marked and signposted. Sure-footed, experienced mountain hikers Good physical condition, mountain experience to recognise and assess alpine dangers on mountain trails, mountain equipment, only in good weather conditions.
Black mountain trails Difficult, mostly narrow and steep, very exposed (risk of falling), longer secured sections or climbing passages. Marked and signposted. Good head for heights, sure-footed, experienced mountaineers Very good physical condition, mountain experience to recognise and assess alpine dangers on mountain trails, mountain equipment, alpine safety equipment, only in good weather conditions
Alpine Routes Pathless or with steps or climbing tracks, free unsecured alpine hiking and climbing terrain, possibly glaciers, usually neither marked nor signposted Good head for heights, sure-footed, high alpine experienced mountaineers Excellent physical condition, extensive mountain experience to recognise, assess and avoid alpine dangers, climbing and glacier equipment, safety and orientation equipment, only in good weather conditions
Trail markings in Tirol

Important tips for finding your bearings

  • checkAlways stay on the marked trails.

  • checkOnly undertake hiking tours you are physically capable of completing.

  • checkCareful planning and research ensure a safe hike.

  • checkNever go to the mountains without a hiking map.

  • checkKeep an eye on the weather forecast (any sign can only be as good as the view of the mountains allows)

Equipped with the knowledge of the local signage and marking for the hiking trails, your hiking holiday will be full of adventure in the mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps. However, the signposts are only as good as how people interpret them. A little common sense and mindfulness are just as important for hiking in the mountains as consideration and foresight. Then nothing can stand in the way of an unforgettable hike.