Safety on the mountains and pastures

A holiday in the mountains promises adventure and nature experiences. For many, the mountains also mean uncertainty and challenge. Holidays in the Kitzbühel Alps, however, offer relaxation in an absolutely safe environment, and include hiking tours that require little effort. Here you can enjoy all the beauty of the Alps in a safe, convenient way. If you follow a few important rules, then nothing can stand in the way of a relaxing holiday in the mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps.

Our tips:

  • checkUse the cable cars in the region: This makes your ascent to the mountain top easy, comfortable and panoramic - and saves you a lot of effort!

  • checkPlan your excursions carefully: Pay attention to the latest weather forecast, only undertake excursions that your physical condition enables you to complete and always use the latest maps of the region.

  • checkUse proper equipment: Good hiking boots are usually enough; nevertheless, weather-appropriate clothing, a backpack with provisions and drinks and a mobile phone (for emergencies) are also recommended.

  • checkStay on the trails: This will make it easy for you to find your way around at any time and enjoy your tour to the full.

  • checkRespect for nature: Please take your rubbish with you back down, leave wild and grazing animals alone and consider the alpine pastures as a recreation area for everyone!

  • Cows grazing in pastures on Lodron
    In summer, cattle are led from the valley to the mountain. On Lodron mountain there is fresh grass and relaxation for everyone.
  • Kitzbüheler-Alpen-hiking-hero-Christina-Foidl-encounters-cows-on-the-last-stage-of-the-KAT-Walk-c-Daniel-Gollner
    The hiking trail takes our hiking hero Christina past a herd of cows to the summit in St. Johann in Tirol.
  • Pillersee Tal - Cows on the mountain pasture
    Pillersee Tal Idyllic alpine landscape with cow

10 rules of conduct for alpine pastures

Austria's farmers make an important contribution to the preservation of our alpine landscape. We ask you as a visitor to be respectful of our beautiful landscape. The following 10 rules are a Code of Conduct for how visitors should behave in the local mountains and pastures.


10 rules of conduct for observing grazing cattle

In this video, we present ten rules of conduct for observing grazing cattle in order to ensure a good coexistence on Austria's alpine pastures.

10 rules of conduct

  • Avoid contact with grazing cattle, do not feed animals, keep a safe distance.

  • Keep calm, do not startle grazing cattle.

  • Mother cows are protective of their calves, do not let your dogs near a mother cow.

  • Always keep dogs under control and keep them on a short lead. If an attack by a grazing animal is foreseeable, set the dog free immediately.

  • Do not leave hiking trails on pastures and meadows.

  • If grazing cattle block the path, give them as wide a berth as possible.

  • If grazing cattle approach stay calm, don't turn your back, avoid the animals.

  • Immediately leave the pasture area at the first sign of restlessness from the animals.

  • Respect the fences. If there is a gate, use it, then close it behind you and cross the pasture quickly.

  • Treat the people working here, nature and animals with respect.