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KAT Walk - The Long-Distance Walking Trail through the Kitzbühel Alps

Promising, enjoyable and exciting long-distance hiking in Tyrol

Welcome to the KAT Walk- the Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail. The 106 km or 76 km long trail over hill and dale frees the mind and fills the lungs with fresh mountain air. In an nutshell: Tyrol presents itself from its sunny side.

Choose from 2 unique KAT Walk variations for your personal long-distance hiking experience and discover more:



In 5 stages, walk through the Kitzbühel Alps, enjoying the unique views and the enchantment of Tyrol's fascinating landscape! Avail of the short-cut opportunities with the mountain lifts if you begin to tire. More info



The Kitzbühel Alps Trail ALPIN, through a series of 6 stages, travels across the Kitzbühel Alps and into a fascinating diverse mountain world. Experience the adventure of long-distance hiking in Tyrol from a completely new perspective. More info

Whoever believes that the only attraction in the Kitzbühel Alps is skiing is in for a magnificent blue, green and sunny experience on the KAT Walk! Whether it's a humble view from the mountain summit, the scent of the Alpine roses or simply to stop and marvel along the way - everyone finds magical moments on these individual stages.

When, at some stage, the desire to hike alone comes to an end, our KAT Walk "All-Round Carefree Package" is perfect!

On completion of your day's walk, enjoy the hospitality in our KAT Walk partner accommodation of your choice - from comfortable inns to exclusive 4-Star hotels - where you will be spoiled with traditional specialities (half-board included everywhere) and sleep peacefully in your double room.

As a regular hiking rucksack will not suffice for a several-day hike, included in our KAT Walk package is a continuous luggage transport facility. Let us take care of your belongings, afterall, our guests want to hike and not haul luggage.

We wish you a wonderful long-distance hiking experience on the Kitzbühel Alps Trail!

#KATwalkTirol Experiences - please tell us your personal story on KAT Walk on social media

We look forward to your long-distance impressions, stories, pictures, experiences .... please use these hashtags: #KATWalkTirol + if you enjoy the path and moods please put #einfachbärig (= simply great) - Thank you!

#einfachbärig #KATwalkTirol

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