Rules and safety notes for ski touring

Simple rules of conduct and tips on safety when ski touring in the Kitzbühel Alps

Every year, more and more people get inspired by the fascination of active ski touring. Exploring the alpine world away from the secured pistes is the objective here for many sportspeople. Especially important when ski touring in open terrain is knowing the risks and also assessing these correctly. The rules of conduct and notes on this page aim to serve as an aid in this. However, all sportspeople are responsible for their own safety. The nature of the Kitzbühel Alps is home to lots of wildlife. Accepting the quiet zones and respecting nature and its inhabitants should be observed by all sportspeople in the outdoors. This is not only an important contribution to protecting the wildlife, but also helps preserve the wonderful alpine world for future generations.

  • Holiday Region Hohe Salve ski touring Kelchsau
    Ski tourers are rewarded with divine deep powder snow runs and plenty of untouched nature in Kelchsau and the Holiday Region Hohe Salve!
  • Descent into the valley with great snow conditions
    The descent from Kröndlhorn is not too steep and has great snow conditions in winter.
  • Ski tour up to Floch mountain
    A ski tour through deep snow is a unique experience. This tour, for example, goes up to Floch mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Safety tips when ski touring in nature

Ski touring in the great outdoors has a very special appeal. Those who let themselves in for this adventure need, however, know that this sport also involves some risks. This danger can be reduced with careful planning with savviness, plenty of experience, the necessary equipment or professional guides. Those who enter nature also follow in the tracks of the wild animals that are at home in the mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps. Being considerate and accepting limits also helps protecting the wildlife and allows for peaceful interaction.

Proper conduct in the outdoors and when encountering wildlife

  • Follow existing rules: Read up about wildlife reserves, restricted zones, reforestation areas, etc., already when planning your tour. Keep to the advice on the information boards during your tours

  • Respect quiet zones: In winter, feeding locations and quiet zones are set up for all wildlife. Respect these areas and avoid excessive noise in the outdoors

  • Do not cross through woodlands: Do not cross through woodlands on your own. Stay on the established routes

  • Meet wildlife with respect: Respect the habitat of wildlife, evade the animals and keep your distance during encounters

  • Keep dogs on the leash: Please keep dogs on the leash during the entire tour and also when departing

  • Do not ski down through forests: Please note that areas with new growth and reforestation areas must not be skied through

  • Pick the right time: Choose a time between sunrise and sunset for your ski tour

  • Plan your ski tour carefully: Plan your ski tour with caution, pay attention to the current weather conditions and get up-to-date with the current avalanche situation, carry the recommended equipment

  • Keep toestablished routes and tours Do not leave the authorised trails and routes

Safety tips for piste touring

In case of critical avalanche situations in open terrain or if you want to reduce risks on the mountain, there is the option of ascending next to the pistes. In doing so, it is of particular importance to be considerate of other skiers and to groom only at the very edge of the piste. Piste touring at night should be avoided due to piste grooming and the associated risks. Some ski areas, however, offer floodlit pistes on some days which can also be used by ski tourers. Please get information about the night-time options in the ski area before your tour and any costs for using these.

Proper conduct when ski touring on pistes in the ski area

  • Observe warning notices and local regulations: Always respect lockdowns of pistes and piste sections, observe information boards and signs

  • Ascend at the edge of the piste: Use only the edge of the piste for your ascent, ascend behind each other and NOT next to each other, only traverse piste sections at clear and open places and with sufficient distance to each other

  • Ski down at the edge of the piste: Ski down freshly groomed pistes only at the periphery. Ski tracks frozen solid overnight can have a highly detrimental effect on the piste quality.

  • Keep to the times: Leave the pistes at the times stipulated by the ski areas and cable car companies

  • Make yourself visible: In darkness or poor visibility, wear reflective clothing and use a headlamp

  • Established ascent routes: If ascent routes or pistes designated by the ski area for ski touring are mandatory, use only these and follow the instructions of the piste personnel

  • Do not bring dogs: Dogs should not be brought on piste ski tours

  • Use designated parking spaces: Park only on the designated parking spaces and pay any fees

The Woipertouringer

The Woipertouringer - a legendary creature between chamois and roe deer

Nature is sensitive and reacts immediately to changes, or often only after several years. Mostly it’s the ignorance of hikers and sportspeople that makes wildlife be startled and thus disturbs the existing system of nature. Because those who are insufficiently aware of the concerns of others, also cannot respect them.

That’s why in Brixental Valley and in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve, the Woipertouringer gives advice. Where this legendary creature appears, it shows suggestions and asks to stick to these. In no way does the Woipertouringer want to diminish your recreational pleasure, on the contrary, he wants to preserve what has always given enjoyment - the alpine world in its diversity for you to experience, that is.

Of particular importance to the Woipertouringer are the protected wildlife zones and restricted areas. For this reason, general maps with colour-coded demarcations have been prepared for the popular ski touring areas in the region of Brixental Valley and the Holiday Region Hohe Salve. Simply download, read up and plan ski tours in harmony with nature!