• HardLevel
  • access_time8:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt9,3 kmDistance
  • terrain1982 mHighest point
  • trending_up1314 mUphill
  • trending_down1304 mDownhill
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Wandern im Kaiserbachtal Wilder Kaiser Region St. Johann in Tirol - Oberndorf - Kirchdorf - Erpfendorf

Tour information

The hike starts in pristine Kaiserbachtal valley, at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser’s northern walls. Follow the trail to Kleines Griesner Kar, a glacier plateau surrounded by rocky ridges. At the cirque, pick up the faint path through the scree field to your left and switchback up to the rock walls of Lärchegg. (Please note: the trail is hard to spot!). Continue along the well-signposted trail through the rock up to the peak. Parts of the trail are secured with steel cables where you can clip into for added protection. Backtrack to the cirque. Stay to your left and continue into the valley until you reach Fritz-Pflaum-Hütte (not serviced). The hut sits amid a barren yet stunning rock landscape and is one of the most isolated huts in the Wilder Kaiser Mountains. Climb down through Großes Griesner Kar to Kaiserbachtal.

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  • check difficult / black mountain path
  • check
  • Partially exposed areas with danger of falling, gravel plains, rocky steep terrain
  • helmet, possibly harness and via ferrata lanyard
    Steady trekking shoes
    Functional shirt
    Snacks and full drink bottles
    Fully charged mobile phone and charger
    First aid kit
    Sun protection
  • Starting from the region St. Johann in Tirol (Click here for driving description) follow the B176 to Griesenau and turn left at the valley Kaiserbachtal
  • Guest card = train ticket from guest to traveller in no time

    Postbus 4000 from St. Johann i.T. Bahnhof to Kirchdorf i.T. Griesenau (3,6 km to Fischbachalm)


    Postbus 4000 from Kirchdorf i.T. Griesenau to St. Johann i.T. Bahnhof
  • Kirchdorf in Tirol Fischbachalm or Griesner Alm parking lot

Restaurants & infrastructure


Kirchdorf in Tirol

Griesner Alm

Griesner Alm
Griesner Alm
Kirchdorf in Tirol


Ellmauer Tor

Ellmauer TorHard
Ellmauer Toraccess_time6:00 harrow_right_alt7,8 kmfavorite_borderfavorite

Kleines Törl

Kleines TörlHard
Kleines Törlaccess_time8:00 harrow_right_alt11,2 kmfavorite_borderfavorite