Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte

Triassic Trail

Circular hiking trail in the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte

The Triassic Trail is a leisurely route, which leads from the mountain station of the Steinplatte, via a forest track, up to the Steinplatte summit and back again. On the approx. 4 km long circular trail there is lots to discover, and you can constantly find information boards and signs. On the trail and in the park itself, you can expect to find, among other things, a Tyrannosaurus, a Diplodocus, a Stegosaurus and an aquatic dinosaur is even lurking in the reservoir! The trail is well-developed and suitable for pushchairs. At the beginning of the trail, there is a Triassic Beach (mini sea, sand beach ,...) as well as the viewing platform, which hangs almost 70 metres over the abyss!

  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte
  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte
  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte

Data & Facts

  • checkLocation: Waidring

  • checkStarting Point: Mountain station Bergbahn Steinplatte

  • checkCar Parks: Bergbahnen Steinplatte valley station (free of charge)

  • checkRoute total length: 4 km

  • checkDifficulty level: easy

  • checkWalking time: approx. 1.5 hours

  • checkLength of stay: approx. 2-2.5 hours

  • checkChange in altitude: approx. 210 m

  • checkChild- and family-friendly: Yes

  • checkAccessible with pushchairs: Yes

Triassic Trail - Steinplattengipfel

  • directions_walkEasyLevel
  • access_time1:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt4,0 kmDistance
  • terrain1869 mHighest point
  • trending_up200 mUphill
  • Details

Highlights of the tour

  • checkInformative themed trail

  • checkTriassic Beach

  • checkViewing Platform

  • checkIdeal for the whole family

Across hills, rocks and coral. You can warm up best on the Steinplatte for your scientific discovery tour. The prehistoric time is not tediously studied here, but climbed, dug up and played on! How did the Trias get it's name? What exactly is karst? What does coral look like up close? None of these questions will go unanswered on your tour! Just look through binoculars on the Triassic Trail, solve puzzles and - most importantly: Stay curious! In addition to this, on the Triassic Trail you can discover several life-sized dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Tricerotops and the Mosasaurus. Furthermore, exciting locations and a reservoir with an aquatic dinosaur and a Pterodactyl also await you. On top of the mountain you can also visit Fischers coral garden, where you can still find fossilised coral to this day.


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Triassic Park - Triassic Trail

The exciting circular hiking trail in the TriassicPark on the Steinplatte in Waidring: life-size dinosaurs, exciting stations, storage pond with a water dinosaur, petrified corals, and much more.

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    Today 2023-02-02

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