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Why are the dinosaurs extinct? How fast can I race down the mountain on Timok's Alpine Coaster? And how high is the Jakobskreuz again? At our mountain adventure worlds, every holiday becomes an adventure holiday in the PillerseeTal. In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte in Waidring, you can discover interesting facts about the history of the earth, dinosaurs and ammonites in a playful way. Alongside the discovery trail, called the Triassic Trail, the glass-fronted viewing platform, located 70 metres above the valley, is one of the spectacular highlights. A ride on Timok's Alpine Coaster also shouldn’t be missed during a summer holiday in the PillerseeTal. Timok’s Wild World at the mid-station of the Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn continues to be a popular attraction for guests with it's countless family highlights: From the forest ropes course, to the climbing park to the water games, guests are guaranteed to have a fun time here. With a height of 30 metres, the Jakobskreuz is situated atop of the Buchensteinwand and has almost become a symbol of the region. The largest accessible summit cross in the world can easily be reached by taking the chair lift, or on one of the countless hiking and cycle trails.

The PillerseeTal does not only offer something to do on the mountain. The Familienland adventure park in St. Jakob in Haus offers alongside Austria's largest family roller coaster, Kneipp and water games, a pirate ship, a viking land and a petting zoo - with a total of over 50 attractions. But the Familienland is much more than "just" a leisure park. The park also has an Indoor games hall and a Dead Sea salt cave, which invite you in to relax and unwind.


PillerseeTal Card

PillerseeTal Card
PillerseeTal Card

The PillerseeTal Card is your entry ticket to numerous offers in the PillerseeTal. The cable cars and our mountain adventure worlds are also included with the card - who could resist an offer as good as this!


The secret of the King of Steinberg

Something unique to the Kitzbühel Alps is waiting for you here in the PillerseeTal, specifically an interactive adventure game for the entire family! The journey leads you right through the valley and offers exciting puzzles and thrilling adventures.

Whether with mum and dad, granddad and grandma, or with friends: the secret of the King of Steinberg fascinates every guest and brings action and adventure to your family holiday!

At our mountain adventure worlds in Fieberbrunn, St. Jakob in Haus and Waidring, the King of Steinberg will conceal his secrets and provide you with tricky puzzles.

With the PillerseeTal Card all admission fees are included, which are necessary to complete the adventure game. So, off we go to the PillerseeTal, to reveal the secret of the King of Steinberg!


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