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Triassic Park in summer

Into the gondola and out into prehistoric times in Waidring

How about an exciting journey back in time? In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte Waidring, dinos, corals and ammonites thrill explorers young and old - whatever the weather! Where the popular Steinplatte skiing and hiking area is today, the primordial sea Tethys was located 200 million years ago. The Triassic Park offers primeval fun for the whole family with the Triassic Centre, Triassic Beach, Triassic Trail, viewing platform, Fischer's Coral Garden and the Dripstone Cave. This summer, we're bringing the past even more vividly into the future: experience what it's like to stand next to a full-size dinosaur with augmented reality. And there is no shortage of new-age fun such as hiking, climbing and biking too! So, there’s nothing like going up to the Steinplatte and spending some unforgettable moments in prehistoric times!

Useful Information

  • checkCar Parks: at the valley station of the Bergbahnen Steinplatte/Waidring (free of charge)

  • checkWC: In the Triassic Center

  • checkRefreshments: At the mountain station

  • checkPushchair friendly?: Yes. Pushchair transport is possible on the gondola lift, the trail is suitable for pushchairs

  • checkCurrentprices & opening times can be found online here!

  • checkThe viewing platform is also open in winter!

The Triassic Park on the Steinplatte in Waidring has something special to offer: a viewing platform provides spectacular views of the valley below, the Triassic Center delivers interesting information and facts about the long forgotten times, the Triassic Beach entices you in on hot summer days with its refreshing "mini sea" and in the Robinia Park, a low ropes course tests your balancing abilities.


You can find countless attractions in the Triassic Park - come and take a look for yourself.

NEW from summer 2023 in the Triassic Park Triassic Water

Triassic Water Games - your mini primeval sea on the stone slab!

After an exciting raft ride and the giant dino tube slide, it's time to cool down. At the new Triassic Water Games, you and your new prehistoric explorer friends can splash, play, climb or just relax. Another playground with a completely new water course and lots of opportunities to let off steam awaits you. A new dinosaur has also joined the party, and for all parents it's time to relax and enjoy the incredible panoramic view.

Augmented reality puzzles - bring prehistoric times to life!

Your interactive augmented reality puzzle experience in the TriassicPark on the Steinplatte in Waidring. Find the 3 hidden prehistoric dwellers - there are 3 living representatives of the prehistoric era hidden away that you have to find. Decipher the secret code word and win a cool wooden medal with dino engraving.

Kitzbühel Alps - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte

Not only dinosaurs are waiting for you...

Hanging almost 70 metres above the abyss, the accessible viewing platform near to the Triassic Center. In the shape of a fan coral, the platform provides visitors with spectacular view of the valley below and breathtaking panoramic views.

Over hills, stone and coral! How did the Trias get its name? What exactly is karst? What does coral look like up close? None of these questions will go unanswered on your tour!

A huge dinosaur tube slide, a mini sea and the highest located sandy beach in the Alps can be found at the Triassic Beach. On hot days, the swimming lake invites you in to cool off. On the sandy beach, you can also dig for fossils.

Interactive stations and state-of-the-art multimedia technology are waiting for you in the indoor area. Here, you can learn interesting facts about long forgotten times and can become an archaeologist for yourself in the explorer camp.

Balance, agility and strength will be tested on the low ropes course - a special experience for both young and old!

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    Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring | Triassic Beach

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    Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring | Niederseilgarten

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    TriassicPark - Steinplatte Waidring | Triassic Beach

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    Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring | Triassiccenter

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    Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring | Tropfsteinhöhle

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    Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring |Triassic Trail

Have you ever one felt the tooth of a dinosaur and dug for fossils? In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte in Waidring, this is all possible. Off you go, with an indoor area and an interactive adventure exhibition, where you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about long forgotten times and also become an archaeologist for yourself. From the exhibition you can then head directly onto the Triassic Beach, where a small swimming lake invites you in to cool off on those hot summer days. All adventurers can dig for fossils there or test out the huge dinosaur tube slide. Visitors, who have a head for heights, can make a detour to the 70-metre-high viewing platform, before heading over to the Robinia Park, the low ropes course in the Triassic Park. Both old and young explorers, can discover information worth-knowing about interesting topics on the Triassic Trail: What exactly is karst? What does coral look like up close? And how did the Trias get its name? So, off we go and out into the prehistoric times, in the Triassic Park in Waidring!

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Admission to the Triassic Park is free of charge! The prices for the gondola lift ride can be found in the current brochure of the Bergbahn Steinplatte/Waidring or online at With the purchase of the PillerseeTal Card the gondola ride is already included!

Triassic Park

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