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Triassic Center

Exciting indoor area in the Triassic Park in Waidring

In the first part of the exhibition, visitors are transported to a prehistoric underwater world. In this “underwater world” you have the opportunity, to get to know extinct marine reptiles and countless other primeval creatures, who once lived in the Steinplatte area. At interactive stations and using state-of-the-art multimedia technology, visitors are introduced to this topic in a playful way. Visitors embark on a journey through time, whilst at the same time travelling to the depths of the ancient primordial sea - the Tethys - “up” to a lagoon, before heading to the adjoining explorer camp. Here, curious souls and knowledge-hungry people can slip into the roll of an archaeologist for themselves and try out the diversely exciting activities of a scientist, thus becoming a real explorer.

Useful Information

  • checkExplorer camp

  • checkWeather independent

  • checkInteractive stations

  • checkState-of-the-art multimedia technology

  • checkFree of charge to use

  • checkToilet Facilities: on-site in the Triassic Center

  • checkCurrentopening times can be found online at here!

  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte
  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte
  • Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Triassic Park - Steinplatte

But research also means tackling things hands on: Let experts show you, how you determine the age of fossils! Work at the microscope and research tables! Investigate everything very carefully - because on the Triassic Trail, you will need to remember everything, that you have learned here. In addition to this, you will find books, presents, pencils and you can receive your award!

PA-LE-ON-TO-LO-GY? Is that all Greek to you? Then you're right to be in the TRIASSIC Center, where children and adults become seasoned expedition participants on two storeys. Completely weather independent! You can discover the whole ABC of the Earth's history in the first part of the Center: The Permian and Triassic periods, the basics of evolution and astonishing information about the inhabitants of the Earth throughout the ages. After so much theoretical preparation, you really only dip into the primordial sea: You can look at the coral up close and listen to waterproof stories about marine life. Of course, there are dinosaurs too - lifelike representations that you can even touch!


Triassic Park - Steinplatte Waidring | Triassiccenter

Das ganze ABC der Erdgeschichte erlebst du im ersten Teil des Centers: Die Zeitalter Perm und Trias, das Einmaleins der ...

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Entry to the Triassic Center

Entry to the Triassic Center is free of charge! The prices for the gondola lift ride can be found in the current brochure of the Bergbahn Steinplatte/Waidring or online at With the purchase of the PillerseeTal Card the gondola ride is already included!

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