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Triassic Park - Waidring Steinplatte

Up to primeval times!

A journey into a bygone world.
Up close with marine reptiles and other creatures from a time more than 200 million years ago. In an interactive exhibition on around 400 m² floor space, visitors get the opportunity to “journey” into a fascinating and long bygone world. Interactive stations and state-of-the-art multimedia technology give visitors and understanding of this exciting subject in a playful way.
The outdoor area has a 210 m² large “minisea”, surrounded by the highest located sandy beach of the Alps, the around 1.400 m² large “Triassic Beach”. Here the young visitors can play around by and in the water while the adults relax on the beach with its splendid vistas. All the while, the little ones can join in an excavation to look for hidden treasures in the sand.

The different attractions at a glance:

Viewing plattform Triassic Center Triassic Trail Triassic Beach Triassic low rope course Kids programme

Nearly 70 meters above the abyss it hovers, the new walkable viewing platform not far from the Triassic Center. Taking the shape of a fan coral, it provides visitors with spectacular abyssal views and breath-taking views.
Faint-hearted? - No problem: the varying composition of the ground ensures that even those with no head for heights can risk taking a step out: the branches of the coral are completely non-transparent and thus provide a firm ground to stand on. The more daring, however, take a walk across the large-meshed grid between the branches or even traverse it, risking a peek through the completely transparent glass surfaces. That will make your adrenaline level rocket: to 1,600 m to be precise!


TRIASSIC Center - Your adventure training - PA-LAE-ON-TO-LO-GY? Know nothing at all about this? Then TRIASSIC Center is just the place for children and adults to become fully fledged expedition participants on the 2 levels. Whatever the weather!

You can find out the whole ABC of the history of the earth on the first part of the center: the Permian and Triassic eras, the basics of evolution and amazing information about the earth's inhabitants over all the eras.


The best thing to do is to warm up for your scientific exploratory tour on the Steinplatte. Primeval times are not boringly swotting up on facts - no, they are about climbing, digging and playing!

How did the Triassic period get its name? What actually is a karst? And what does coral look like close up? None of these questions will remain unanswered on your tour!


An area spanning 200 square metres provides those taking part in expeditions with refreshment - at TRIASSIC Beach you get to splash about – and ride the water dinosaurs!


Robinienpark on the Steinplatte im Triassic Park is a special experience for young and old alike. The low ropes course close to "Triassic Beach" does require some attributes from adventures, such as balance, skilfulness, strength and a bit of courage.


The children's program takes place in July and August daily from 13:00 to 15:00 clock (except Saturday) and in June and September only on sunday in fine weather.

Prehistoric adventures can now also be experienced during the "Ice Age"!


The Triassic Park on the Waidringer Steinplatte can now also be discovered in winter - even without skis: For example, on the new winter hiking trail to the viewing platform and the new stalactite cave. The young freestylers can also try their skills on the Triassic Funline.

What can be experienced in Triassic Park during winter?
- winter hiking trail
- viewing platform
- stalactite cave
- childcare on the mountain with Irene and Hubsi
- and the Triassic Funline with cool Dino characters

The PillerseeTal-Card

The PillerseeTal-Card
The PillerseeTal-Card

The PillerseeTal Card is your entry to numerous offers in PillerseeTal. Make the most of its benefits in many businesses and activities!

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Bergbahnen Waidring-Steinplatte

Bergbahnen Waidring-Steinplatte
Bergbahnen Waidring-Steinplatte

In the summer, Steinplatte high alpine plateau provides dreamy hiking trails, fantastic bike tours, challenging via ferrata routes and climbing tours, along with the Triassic Park.

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Family hikes

Family hikes
Family hikes

Easy hikes for the whole family. The cable cars in PillerseeTal will take you to lofty heights.

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Video impressions from the Triassic Park

  • Triassic Park | Triassic Beach

    Triassic Park | Triassic BeachDauer 00:57

  • Triassic Park | Triassic Center

    Triassic Park | Triassic CenterDauer 01:05

  • Triassic Park | Triassic Trail

    Triassic Park | Triassic TrailDauer 01:00

  • Triassic Park | Aussichtsplattform

    Triassic Park | AussichtsplattformDauer 00:51

  • Triassic Park | Triassic Trainingscamp

    Triassic Park | Triassic TrainingscampDauer 00:44

  • Triassic Park -Steinplatte Waidring-

    Triassic Park -Steinplatte Waidring-Dauer 02:09

  • Familienurlaub im PillerseeTal - Sommerhighlights Tirol

    Familienurlaub im PillerseeTal - Sommerhighlights TirolDauer 01:55

  • Triassic Park -Steinplatte Waidring- 6 Minuten

    Triassic Park -Steinplatte Waidring- 6 MinutenDauer 06:01

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