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Schwaz Silver Mine

The biggest Silver Mine from the late Middle Ages

Schwaz has one of the biggest silver mines from the late Middle ages. In the Middle ages around 85% of silver that was mined came from the mine in Schwaz. At this time, Schwaz was the biggest mining metropolis in the world. During a guided tour of the Silver Mine you get to explore the world of mining and can get an insight into the breath-taking and incredible era of mining. The mine provide an ideal excursion destination whatever the weather. Inside the mine the temperature is a constant 12 degrees Celsius.

Schwaz Silver Mine

  • checkBiggest silver mine from the late Middle ages

  • checkGuided tours (20 - 40 minutes past the hour)

  • checkSilver shop

  • checkKnappenkuchl (Restaurant)

  • Silver Mine-Schwaz-exhibit-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    In the Silver Mine guests will find exhibits about mining methods.
  • SilverMine-Schwaz-guided tour-Mine-c-Silver Mine-Schwaz  (6)
    Schwaz Silver Mine has daily guided tours through the mine.
  • Silver Mine-Schwaz-History-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    The history of the silver mine dates back to the Middle Ages.
  • Silver Mine-Schwaz-artisancraftitems-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    In Schwaz Silver Mine guests will find lots of artisan craft items.
  • SilverMine-Schwaz-Art-Bull-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    In the outdoor area of the Silver Mine is a figure made of silver in the shape of a bull.
  • SilverMine-Schwaz-Shop-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    Children will strike it rich in the Silver Mine shop.
  • SilverMine-Schwaz-train-through-Mine-c-SilverMine-Schwaz
    A train takes guests through the show mine.

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