Kufstein Fortress

The historic landmark is a gem in Tirol

Kufstein Fortress is one of the most important historic monuments in Tirol and inspires visitors from near and far every day. Kufstein and its landmark, the medieval fortress, is located right at the German border. The fortress was first mentioned in documents dating from 1205 and has genuine treasures behind its walls. One of these treasures is the world’s largest outdoor organ, the "Heroes' Organ (Heldenorgel)". Experience the unique Heroes’ Organ concert at 12:00 every day. Kufstein Fortress is a popular venue for all kinds of events. Open-air events often take place in the covered fortress arena.

Kufstein Fortress

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  • Kufstein-fortress-kufstein-fencingroom-c-lolin-tvb-kusteinerland
    The fencing room in Kufstein Fortress has been turned into an event area.
  • Kufstein-fortress-kufstein-during the-day-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    View to the fortress tower in daylight.
  • Kufstein-fortress-kufstein-fortressbar-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    In the Kufstein Fortress bar guests get to enjoy traditional cuisine.
  • Kufstein-fortress-kufstein-the-landmark-of the-town-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    Kufstein’s landmark beams in the sunlight.
  • Kufstein-town-kufstein-fortress-inn-aerialview-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    Aerial view of Kufstein’s landmark, the fortress.
  • Kufstein-family-fortress-kufstein-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    Kufstein Fortress has barrier-free lift access.
  • Kufstein-fortress-kufstein-entrance-fortresswarden-c-lolin-tvb-kufsteinerland
    The entrance door to the fortress warden at Kufstein Fortress.

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