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Hohe Tauern National Park Centre

An Alpine adventure realm for families and National Park aficionados

Hohe Tauern National park which has the biggest glaciers in the East Alps and the biggest waterfalls in Europe is known right across the globe. The museum in Mittersill makes the forces of nature visible and comprehensible to young and old alike. Experience the Alpine plant and animal kingdom up close. This is a museum where you get to enjoy a ‘hands’ on’ experience, which has a large 'Alpine adventure realm' and is very popular on bad weather days. The National Park Centre is also worth a visit when the sun is shining! The National Park realms are barrier-free and open throughout the year for you. Please enquire at National Park Cente homepage for information on detailed opening hours.

The National Park realms are a bonus partner for the Kitzbühel Alps Summer Card. Upon presentation of a valid Summer Card you will enjoy a discounted entry rate.

National Park adventure realm stations

  • checkNational Park 360°: breath-taking panorama film

  • checkFlight of an eagle panorama - Journey into the Arctic - Climate station

  • checkMarmot & Alpine animal and plant kingdom

  • checkTreasures of the Hohe Tauern: Mountain crystals, Tauern gold and minerals

  • checkMountain forest gallery and forest sounds: Spruce, Swiss pine, larch & the like

  • checkOrchestrated Alpine life - Pinzgau’s Alpine animals and flowers

  • checkWild water - life in a mountain spring

  • checkAvalanche dome with 3-sided film projection

  • checkGet to grips with the glacier - the iceberg

  • checkVirtual tour

  • checkShop & Restaurant

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  • National Park realms-Hohe Tauern-Glacier realm-c-Werner Krug
  • National Park realms-Hohe-Tauern-Interior view-c-Nationalparkzentrum Hohe Tauern GmbH
  • National Park realms-Hohe-Tauern-girl-at the-Marmot Cave-c-Franz Reifmüller
  • National Park realms-Hohe-Tauern-Marmot-a- co-c-Nationalparkzentrum Hohe Tauern GmbH

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