Wandern Herbst Buchacker Höhenstein 2022@Region Hohe Salve - Mathäus Gartner (5)

Hike to the Buchacker

The Buchackeralm, the Buchacker Cross and the Adlerhorst at 1403 metres

The Buchacker is a particularly popular excursion destination in Angerberg. Not least since up there are the only stalactite and stalagmite caves in North Tirol . On this special natural gem on the Buchacker there is also the cosy Buchackeralm, several summit crosses and the viewing platform Adlerhorst. You hike way up high to the local mountain in Angerberg and explore the plateau. The view to the River Inn and the surrounding mountain summits will certainly captivate you.

  • Hiker on the Buchacker in Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    Hikers reaching the summit cross on the Buckacker. In the backdrop the impressive summit of the Hohe Salve can be seen.
  • Adlerhorst viewing platform Buchacker
    The viewing platform on the Buchacker is named Adlerhorst and provides stunning panoramic views.
  • Hiker on the Hundsalmjoch in Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    The hikers have reached their destination, the Buchackeralm.
  • Flower-filled meadows Summit cross Buchacker
    Wonderful flowers in the Alpine terrain on the Buchacker.
  • Adlerhorst viewing platform on the Buchacker
    Carved wooden figure on the Adlerhorst in Angerberg.
  • Hike to the Buchacker
    The Buchacker summit cross with colourful flower-filled meadows.
  • Hiker on the Hundsalmjoch in Holiday Region Hohe Salve
    From the Buchacker in Angerberg you get to enjoy wonderful views to Holiday Region Hohe Salve and to the River Inn, which proceeds in a loop.

Details & facts about the hiking trail to the Buchacker

  • checkDuration: depending on the hiking trail, approx. 4 1/2 hours

  • checkHighest point: 1403 m

  • checkDistance: 6.5km (on the hike to the ice caves)

  • checkMetres ascent: approx. 800 m

  • checkLevel: Medium / Red throughout

  • checkStart point: Lettenbichl car park in Angerberg

Special points on the route: Buchackeralm (snack stop option), Adlerhorst (viewing platform), Hundsalm stalactite and stalagmite caves

Hundalm ice and stalactite cave past the Buchacker Alm

  • Open
  • MediumLevel
  • access_time5:30 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt13,7 kmDistance
  • terrain1495 mHighest point
  • trending_up890 mUphill
  • trending_down890 mDownhill
  • Details

The Hundsalmjoch stalactite and stalagmite caves

The Hundsalmjoch stalactite and stalagmite caves
The Hundsalmjoch stalactite and stalagmite caves

45 metres beneath the surface of the earth a fascinating natural spectacle awaits explorers of all ages. In Angerberg you will come across the only ice caves in North Tirol, the Hundsalm stalactite and stalagmite caves. Dive into the depths of this icy realm and discover a wonder of nature in Holiday Region Hohe Salve.

The caves are only accessible on foot. The hiking trail proceeds direct at the Buchackeralm and the Adlerhorst past the entrance to the caves. Specialist guides accompany you through these unique caves.


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