Signposted ski tour to the Alpenrosenhütte

Ski tour

  • MediumLevel
  • access_time2:00 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt3,2 kmDistance
  • terrain1550 mHighest point
  • trending_up760 mUphill
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Tour information

Alpenrosenbahn car park - first a bit along the Hollern descent - junction towards WestAlp - road crossing above Kälberpoint - meadow towards Ellmerer - circling the Ellmerer farms - slope above Ellmerer Bauer to the edge of the forest - part of the hiking trail in the forest - at the first clearing keep left on the tractor path - Confluence of the piste - crossing of piste 110a - Trattberg tractor path up to the Alpenrosenhütte.
Descent over the slope is possible.
The use of the signposted ascent lane is only permitted during the operating hours of the mountain railways. Ascent outside the signposted ascent lane is prohibited and endangers both skiers and tourers. There is a general ban on dogs on all slopes.

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Signposted ski tour to the Alpenrosenhütte


  • check medium difficulty level
  • check NW
  • Schitourenausrüstung



Gaisbergaccess_time1:30 harrow_right_alt1,2 kmfavorite_borderfavorite