Windautal Valley

"The pearl of Westendorf"

The Windautal Valley is a tributary of the Brixental Valley and stretches a distance of 16 km from Westendorf to a part of Hopfgarten. In the south, the valley borders on the province of Salzburg - which can be reached via the Filzenscharte border point. The Windauer Ache (stream), which flows into the Brixentaler Ache, is a wonderful companion for hikes and walks in the valley.

In summer, hikers, mountain bikers and cyclists are just as attracted to the valley's nature trails as ski tourers are in winter.


Windautaler Hiking Taxi

Windautaler Hiking Taxi
Windautaler Hiking Taxi

In summer, Westendorf offers its guests a unique service: the Windautal Hiking Taxi. The service is available between June and October on specific days of the week and offers a convenient way to reach the Windautal Valley. More information on the hiking taxi can be found below.


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