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Bike-events for everyone!

Bike squared in Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf

As a specialised bike-region, the townships of Brixen im Thale, Kirchberg and Westendorf not only offer optimal service and a wide range of trails and tours, but also shine with premium and attractive events revolving around cycling and mountainbiking. And the KitzAlpBike-Festival represents the absolute season highlight for all bikers. Be it sprint races, hill climbs, marathon or cross-country races - all races are open to anyone and supplemented by a wide range of routes. There is even plenty on offer for e-bike riders with the Ebike-Days. Brixental Valley sure puts the pedal to the metal when it comes to two-wheelers! And what about you?

The KitzAlpBike Marathon

The KitzAlpBike Marathon
The KitzAlpBike Marathon

Five different routes, more than 90 km and a good 4,000 m difference in altitude as the Ultra-route and hundreds of participants - that’s the absolute highlight of the KitzAlpBike-Festival every spring.

From pro and licensed riders all the way to hobby- or rookie-bikers, everybody who is anybody lines up for the start. Even World Cup riders and world champions queue up to enter the marathon.

But the event has plenty to offer not only for active bikers. Time and again there are sections such as on world-famous Hahnenkamm or Ehrenbachhöhe, where hundreds of onlookers line the racecourse. The absolute highlight for every rider is Choralpe Mountain. More than 1,500 onlookers along the race course make for true "Tour de France" - vibes at the steepest section of the race.

If you don’t get to experience this as a mountain biker, at least you have to witness this spectacle once as an onlooker to have been there.


The HiLLclimb in Brixen im Thale

The HiLLclimb in Brixen im Thale
The HiLLclimb in Brixen im Thale

With more than 400 participants, the Brixner HiLLclimb is known as the biggest and best-attended mountain sprint in Austria. And the race has made an excellent name for itself not only with pros and licensed riders. Hobby riders in particular cherish the Olympic idea or the intention to prove themselves.

On only 6 kilometres, countless switchbacks and turns lead from the village centre up to the sunny high plateau of Hochbrixen, straight to picturesque Filzalmsee Lake. But the riders don’t notice much of the scenic panoramas on the steep 500 m elevation gain. Instead, they are loudly cheered on in "Tour de France - fashion" by hundreds of onlookers along the route.

The winners are then duly celebrated at the big After-Race-Party at the village square. This can sometimes last well into the small hours! And what about you? Would that be something for you?


Windautal cycling rally

Windautal cycling rally
Windautal cycling rally

The traditional opening event of the KitzAlpBike-Festival presents just the right challenge for both ambitious mountain bikers as well as for leisurely pleasure-cyclists.

The route of the sprint race winds its way for more than 14 km and 321 m difference in altitude through picturesque Windautal Valley in the south of Westendorf. After not even 30 minutes, the first sprinters reach the finish at Gamskogelhütte Lodge.

Those who like to take it a bit more easy, can enter the so-called "backpack category". This starts directly after the sprinter field. And as the approach here is truly a leisurely one, the cyclists can really enjoy the beautiful nature. Even side trips to the inns along the route are permitted.

At the end all participants in the Windautal cycling rally attend the victory ceremony at Gamskogelhütte together and celebrate late into the evening


Further bike-events in the region


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