Hiking Villages

Perfect hiking trails and hospitality that is alive and well in the St. Johann in Tirol region!

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In Austria’s hiking villages, keen hiking holiday makers can look forward to the ultimate hiking and nature adventure and also to a superb hiking infrastructure. Austrian Hiking Seal of Approval quality certification ensures the highest service and experience standards in villages, businesses and along the trails.

The natural surroundings are an inspirational spectacle with a wide variety of scenes. No two hiking trails are the same. From a narrow gorge trail surrounded by impressive cliff faces with scant vegetation, to a hiking trail along a mountain ridge with a superb panorama and lush flower-filled meadows.

Every trail provides different views, aspects and perspectives - they lead to special sites in our region that reflect the multifaceted aspect of this habitat. The ‘Wilder Kaiser’ is looked at from different aspects – the same mountain range, but with different views. Let us follow the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – ‘Only where you were walking, have you really been.’ Have fun looking, experiencing, being amazed!

Hiking hotels

Specialist hotels for hikers in the St. Johann in Tirol region!

The history of 'Hiking Villages'

The genesis of the Austrian Hiking Villages association!

“Austria’s Hiking Villages” association was founded under the name “Village holiday in Austria” in 1991, with the aim being to support and promote tourism with environmental aspirations in accordance with strictly selected criteria, including a traditional village character, environmental pollution limits and minimum measures, as well as socio-economic limits. Upon winning the “Tourism For Tomorrow Awards 1993″ the initiative gained international recognition.

In the course of time, the group engaged with greater intensity with the theme of hiking and in 1998 became particularly established with its focus on this activity. Along with developing contemporary hiking offers and exchanging experiences, the aim was to design valuable information material, provide assistance and information to people interested in hiking, about the multifaceted hiking landscape.