Mountainbike Skill Park - Region St. Johann in Tirol

Skill Park

A practice terrain for mountain bikers in the St. Johann in Tirol region!

Exploring the mountain roads on two wheels is a special experience and is so much fun. In the St. Johann region there is also a Skill Park available. You can practice your mountain biking skills here on the practice terrain. The trail is around 600 metres in length and comprises a green uphill trail and 3 trail downhills in difficulty levels green, blue and red. This mountain bike Skill Park is ideal for improving your technique or getting in some initial experience on your mountain bike. The practice terrain should appeal to beginners and medium level riders in particular. Make the most of the opportunity and try out the Skill Park in St. Johann in Tirol!

The following techniques can be practised on the elements...

  • checkDifferent bend radii

  • checkWave riding help you learn how to position your weight properly on the bike

  • checkLifting your front and back wheels to get over obstacles

  • checkRiding trails, balancing and tree trunks in 20, 30 and 40 cm widths - around 10 cm above the ground

  • checkA small drop 25 cm in height

  • checkSmall jumps

Mountain bike Skill Park - St. Johann in Tirol region